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  1. I highly suggest downloading the podcast by Tritonal. They've got great production on their original songs and great mixes of other songs on their shows. Seriously, this podcast is amazing. Anyone who follows Armin's or Tiesto's podcast is WASTING their time. These guys are gonna be huge!!! :smoke:
  2. cool, might have a listen :)
  3. Above and Beyond also have a podcast called 'Trance Around the World' that one is my favorite by far, havent heard Tritonals yet, gonna give them a shot.
  4. Tritonal is going to hit it big here soon; I saw them recently and they killed it.
  5. Gareth Emery, way better podcasts.
  6. I like OceanLab, which is presented by Above and Beyond, so I'd probably it. May give it a try.

  7. Ya man they were at an event here a couple weeks ago but I missed them because they were the first set of the day. :mad: They could've been one of the damn headliners!!!

    A&B podcast is a straight classic, that's why I didn't even mention it in my first post.

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