If you Like RAP Get In Herre

Discussion in 'General' started by CodyMac, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. Man yall gots to check out lil wyte from the same producers as threesix mafia and project pat get it now mane im tellin you, get high and roll with this !

    Doubt Me Now
    Blame It On Da Bay
    Com'n Yo Direction
    Crash Da Club (Remix)
    Drop It Off
    Get High To This
    Good Dope
    My Smokin' Song
    Oxy Cotton
    Players In Da Atmosphere
    Ten Toes Tall
    We Ain't Playin'
    Zero Tolerance (Fuck Them Laws)
    In Here

  2. fa sho. that fools from the bay (i do not play).mosh pit is a tight ass song but i dont think i could blow 20 dollars on his CD
  3. what thaaa?

    i like punk, and why am I in this thread?

    :: tokes a bowl ( cough cough cough ) ::
  4. smoking reefer while listening to rap music causes cancer.

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