If you like music and just smoked some dank, CHECK THIS OUT!

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    :wave:I dunno how many of you are familiar with this game but I felt it was my duty to spread its joy :wave:

    Step1: DL AudioSurf
    Step2: Burn Dank bud while you wait :bongin:
    Step3: Pick your favorite tunes from your PC and JAM OUT!!!:yay:


    Ride your music stoners!!!:hippie:

    EDIT: I dont work for these guys, but have to admit its a great program
  2. I'll vouch it's sick,

  3. Im trying it now.
  4. yes this game is awesome, I used to play it alot but I hardly ever play it now :(
  5. Hey Jungleman any recommendations performance wise for a 2003 s-10 pickup stock. Noob to engine mechanics but am handy :wave:
  6. Dude, im not even a mod and i'll say "Save that shit for PMs"


    If its a 4.3L N20 is the best bang for the buck. underdrive pullies give a little more umph, but anything short of turbo or supercharger will leave you wanting more.

    if it's a 2.2L forget about performance and enjoy the decent gas mileage. :D ive had a 94 blazer 4.3L, currently drive a '98 2.2L, but my favorite was my '92 GMC Typhoon. that suv was quicker than my corvette.


    [On Topic]
    Downloading.... NOW!
  7. Its the 4.3, poor gas mileage with no power! extremly frustrating hah:devious:
  8. jrenjoi I sent you a pm. Im playing the game and its awesome.
  9. I'm downloading now, but had to download steam and make an account
  10. Weak I used up my demo songs! if you didnt buy it and demoed it, what were your songs? mine were:
    Pump It Up - Danzel
    Jordan - Buckethead
    What a Fool Believes - Doobie Brothers
    Such Great Heights - Postal Service

    I would have like to tried some rap/hip-hop
  11. Thanks for the move! :smoke:
  12. I shelled out the 10 bucks and use my personal library :D soo sweet ridn to chili peppers or DJ tiesto
  13. best game to play baked ever
    not for chilling, but definitely tripping out.
  14. Just as I was really liking the look of this game and wanting to try it out, I realized it's not supported by Mac :(:(:(:(
  15. As of right now, I'm trying out parallels with windows xp. I'm not very good with this kind of stuff so I hope it works :D
  16. im playing whole albums at a time. its fucking amazing

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