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  1. Alright so I'm a PRO MMA fighter (not famous though well not yet lol) so i just fought on the 19th and it went to the decision which i know is my fault for not finishing but Im not happy with the decision that my opponent won so if anyone is willing to watch and give me their un-biased opinion I would appreciate it will heres the youtube link [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JPj6JCNZxQ]Victor Borrayo vs Alfredo Perez January 19, 2013 Xplode Fight Series Vengeance - YouTube[/ame] fight starts at the 3:05 mark this is my 2nd fight by the way in case anyone asks
  2. this is pro? i know they say pro fight at the beginning but really? not trying to dog on you. it was a close fight other guy maybe had a little more control. but it certainly looked like those bows were hurting him more. mma is not for me too much rolling around on the ground grappling. would have been more entertaining with some more stand up your small show the quickness!
  3. wow, no stand up. That is the only thing I hate about MMA, all the ground game only pussies. Guess you should work on your ground game just incase you meet another person like him
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    The other guy was 5"5. I'd be surprised as hell if he wanted to actually fight while standing. Who wants to fight upright against someone with four inches on them?

    Edit: Wasted a very good opportunity at 10:05 with full guard.
  5. someone who's fast and technical
  6. You're still at a disadvantage ^
  7. Great fight man I'll support you bro . Win or lose as long as you had fun doing it that's what counts.
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    Hard to believe that was a pro fight... at 10 05 why didnt you sink your hooks and take his back. you got swept and just held on for dear life. work on your tdd and seriously, find a half decent bjj coach. you couldve went for many submissions off your back but really didnt even try... just my .02
  9. In response to everyone Well I did try and get my hooks in but i just couldnt manage to do it ... you know shit is harder doing than saying it but thanks for telling me :) Yea this is a pro fight this is lower level mma before people start making it to the big time so this is where more mistakes are made and stuff of that sort... yea i know what you mean about all the rolling around i would of much rather stayed standing up and given the fans what they wanted to see but ehh i guess things dont always go your way

  10. Thanks man
  11. Not hating man, just work your sweeps and off your back more in the gym.
  12. Good shit man keep going at it. Best of luck

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