If you like Jerry Garcia and bluegrass then you need to watch this....

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  1. Go out and rent better yet buy this dvd or video. Grateful Dawg. It's a documentary about Jerry Garcia and Dave Grisman.It has some private jam session footage and concert footage. Also has some great interviews in it.

    I have a few of their shows and they are amazing, but watching this video really gave me an understanding on how they met and just how much work they put into their music. Jerry really loved bluegrass and the feeling I get from watching this movie is that if he was still around he'd probably be playing a lot of bluegrass while having breaks from touring with the Dead. So go out and get this, it's a must for any Dead fan or bluegrass fan.
  2. Thanks phishhead!! you've always got the coolest music tips!! :hippie:
  3. Ill look into getting it. I think i have heard almost every released thing the grateful thing has. Loving it. =)

  4. I hope you both enjoy it as much as I did. I love music so much! I'm always happy to share with people the music I listen to and enjoy. I have to say this is my favorite forum (not being bias either *wink wink*) I can talk music for hours. Hopefully there will be more posts in here because I'm always up for a good discussion. IceCreamkidd I think you should try and make it down this summer to Northern California and try to catch a show or two. There's always something going on in this area. Can't wait till June 1st, Phil and Friends w/ special guest Robert Hunter. That's going to be an experience.
  5. Holy shit, go out and buy a dvd or video. I clicked this expecting a link. Damn, I'll try to remember the name of this documentary, see if I can find it online somewhere.

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