If you know your sh*t please read, I have gotten to much wrong info!!

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  1. (Warning: I'm extremely sensitive when it comes to my girls.) First off let me start by telling you might conditions. I have a canopy that is 6 feet tall 2 feet wide 4 feet long. I have a 400 watt hp light with digital ballast. I used pH water in between 6.5 and 7. I use Dyna Gro and pure phosphorus for nuits. I am growing in black gold soil in 3 gallon pots with good drainage and ventilation. Next I will start by saying I was using CFLs and a 125 watt grow light which was not enough light. Once I put the 400 watt in the canopy they made big changes for the better. But here are the problems: I have yellowing leaves with brown spots on some leaves. Other plants I have droopy leaves with leathery feeling. And I will leave some pictures. I truly feel as though over-watering was the issue. But this is the first grow and I have put so much effort and money (which I knew I'd be spending a lot so that's no biggie but money is money I've yet to meet anyone that would invest 1500$ in something and not freak out if something goes wrong...just sayin) I have to say; nothing has brought more joy to my life then growing cannabis. I honestly feel like it's my niche in life and has helped me put all my free energy into something. I am desperate for help because I have so much love for these plants it's crazy so pleeeeeease I need someone that is going to give me the correct information and I'm not trying to be rude but if you don't know what you're talking about I do not need your input I cannot afford to mess up anymore. I have heard that with minor problems plants can turn around so that's what I'm trying to do I refuse to throw out one of my girls unless it's a done deal. Thank you for your time , I know a lot of growers need help on GC so I appreciate your time and input!!!! °Namaste°
  2. Nobody is going to help you without pictures, so you should probably start there and wait for a response from somebody. I personally do not grow but i know the first person that can actually help you is going to ask for pictures.
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  3. My phone isn't letting me upload pictures due to "low memory" even though that's not the case oh well guess I'll deal with this on my own until I fix my effing phone sorry for the bother people
  4. Sounds like root rot or powdery mildew, cut off affected areas and flush plant with Florakleen for 2-3 days then add Barley Enzyme Pond Clearer doesn't matter which brand but run just that until you see healthy green growth before you add any more nutes.
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  5. So what if the issue is over watering and then I flush? Isn't that risky I'll cheack for root rot after the soil is dry...not sure how to check in a 3 gal pot tho. Yikes.
  6. Growweedeasy.com has a great section on troubleshooting problems. That said, it has great sections on many growing subjects. I suggest you read that website front to back.
  7. My input is simply that your plants are WAY too big for three gallon pots and not enough light

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  8. I did that too, LoL ! I'm sorry. I learned real quick 1 plant will fill an area that size an 400 Watts ain't enough. Put the 400 on a 4x4 area on 1 plant an watch what happens. BOOM !

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