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  1. Some people will appreciate this more than others... Hanging them this way is tedious but it makes pulling them off the lines so much easier when they're dry. One plant's tops are cut and on the lines. 43 more to go... 20221016_140633.jpg 20221016_140626.jpg 20221016_140658.jpg 20221016_140705.jpg 20221016_140835.jpg 20221016_140645.jpg ...
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  2. Oh that outdoor northern California grown Trainwreck is so stinky! Can't wait to smoke these ladies! 20221016_142103.jpg 20221016_142112.jpg 20221016_142130.jpg
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  3. Damn yeah that must’ve taken forever.. I just just the branches down where I topped them and hung them the same way but off pipes in my basement and some on clothes hangers with zero regard for organization or uniformity lol.. I couldn’t possibly sit there and break them down any further and neatly hang them like that

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  4. This time of year I have an entire 2 bedroom house (its vacant and I use it for storage, an indoor room for mothers, and drying and trimming) filled with drying buds. Still have a few dozen plants to chop and hang yet, too. Its an assembly line. Once that a few lines of bud are dry, they go into 25 gallon storage totes and fresh buds fill the lines. There is a wood stove for when it gets cold and wet outside. It keeps the buds from getting too cold during the dry process so they dont mold. And box fans everywhere blowing the air around like a tornado. 20221022_173036.jpg 20221022_173048.jpg 20221022_173212.jpg
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    Damn dude that’s a lot of work haha. This is my 2nd year growing and I only did 13 plants and for me even that’s a headache. What’s your process for getting everything trimmed? I’m still trying to work that out. I dried my smallest plant a couple weeks ago because it wasn’t doing too hot which ended up being just shy of 1 lb. Idk how much the rest will end up being but right now I have 2 full plants jam packed in an 8x4 dry tent and 8 big totes filled about 3/4 way to prevent the shit I had hanging from drying too fast. I have no idea how I’m gonna get it all trimmed…
    5046669D-2335-4290-B376-793E56E4E22C.jpeg B1F52404-4C56-435B-A85E-8861373606A4.jpeg E6024643-34AD-4A17-B5F0-CC3CB5F8B9C5.jpeg D09D8E7D-411E-43E7-8B07-BACB0ACB7402.jpeg 19C43198-FF2B-47D1-B7DF-6B2D69F314FE.jpeg D759C662-577B-44AC-8DEF-F3E71DCC6D21.jpeg E0633A31-2EBD-4875-8FB1-CF611A73B60D.jpeg FB2375ED-EC45-4DB0-B948-58B00B6C107C.jpeg 77816CBA-1907-49EF-B280-2CD2FE3CE4F9.jpeg 93547AE2-DC7B-4337-8AF3-60AFEAC4E6D4.jpeg B34D897C-8B67-4D43-9510-8584A6DE1604.jpeg F751EA52-40E9-4739-9326-8E529834DF60.jpeg
  6. My process for trimming is to call up a few of my friends and get them over here for a few days to get everything trimmed and into large Tupperware containers.. I can trim 2 pounds a day, and so can a few of my buddies. I pay them for their weight, so if they trim 2 pounds a day they walk away with a decent paycheck after about a week. This season I will probably have about 200 units. Ill probably trim at least 25% myself. Its a pain in the ass but it is a necessity.

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