If you have had issues posting photo please chime in

Discussion in 'General' started by Headhunterpipes, Jan 23, 2023.

  1. Over and over I cant post a photo.
    The moderator says everything is fine.
    Its hit or miss for me, sometimes everything is fine, sometimes I can Post one or two pics and then can't .
    IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING ISSUES posting photos'.
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  2. Administration created a thread and ran a poll on who was having issues months ago...... we're still having issues.
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  3. I Have a Issue Postin Pics Sometimes But Iain Gon Pressure Any 1 BC I Sure It Not Easy To Run A Forum An Fix Everyting...They Probably Tryin Maybe It Isa Serious Problem.:confused_2:

  4. Right nothing changed .
    The moderator ran that thread because of me .
    Now It seems I am BS them/her. kind of being said its me and no one else .
  5. Been complaining about this from nov 4th last year .
  6. Not just you. BagBoy is still having issues and is cross linking from another site to get them to post.
    I've not had issues.
  7. I've been having trouble for months.........only about 1/2 of my pics post.
    I've given up.
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  8. Seems to be a known issue, there's a thread stickied at the top of this forum that you might try posting on...I've never had any issues posting pictures, but I've only posted a handful of pictures at best.

    I'm bettin' there's a config issue with the server and a particular host, but that's just a guess...Either way, that's a lot of code to figure out where a comma is that shouldn't be, give it time.:coolalt:
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  9. I take two pics of everything and then delete the error pic
    Its the only workaround
    Do multiple downloads of images
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  10. The mods said in another thread that the one who fixes this is much more dedicated to the money generating shop side of the site. He thinks he might be able to get to it in a few weeks. :confused_2:
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    lol just take multiple pictures of the same thing. I found that i could take the same picture twice and one will load and one won't. Its a crapshoot for sure weather it will post or not.
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  12. i think they made it clear there head shop is most important and why they keep this forum ,whom knows why so roll with it while it here .
    other sites i have been on did same stuff right before they closed the forums and went out of biz
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  13. GC you all better not close this forum
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