If you have grown Sour D please read!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Slayer50, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I'm dying to ask some other people out there. I have a SD strain, my first SD. It's starting to bud nicely and I can not get over the smell. Its like mandarin oranges or something. I have never smelled a plant with such a strong citrus smell. Its unmistakable... anyone else notice this? I have three other strains, some fruity, some piney but not citrus like at all. Does that have anything to do with it being mainly Sativa? All of my others are mainly Indica.

    Would love to hear what others have experienced!
  2. Sour D is famous for it's citrus smell.

    Is this surprising to you or somethin? Lol.
  3. got 2 right now its nice and fresh smellin, really cant beat it IMO
  4. If you like it, clone clone clone clone clone clone clone profit :D
  5. THis is only my second grow but I'm starting a perpetual cycle. I have Prozac, Blueberry, Blue Hell and Sour Diesel. I've never grown any of these strains before so yes,the smell is surprising... it's amazing how sweet the citrus smell is.

    I have one of each about 4 weeks into budding. Their 4 replacements are about 2 or 3 weeks from going into the flowering room. The cycle after that is not totally secure yet. Have 2 Blueberry replacements and one blue hell but haven't got the 3rd generation of the SD or the Prozac yet, but they're in the cloning dome right now.

    My space is limited so after my first harvest I'll decide which ones I want to focus on and pick maybe 2 or 3. The SD is a keeper for sure.

    How about Prozac? Anyone grown this at all? I hear it's great for hash production. It deff. has more crystals than any of the others.
  6. Havent grown Sour Diesel, but when I had bought some you could keep it in 6 plastic bags in the bottom of your dirty laundry and you could still smell it walking up the driveway.
  7. haha learned that the hard way, had gotten fortunate with some less stanky strains in the past, never had to worry about the smell UNTILL NOW. lol

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