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If you have ever played RuneScape click here lol

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Pulp Fiction, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Anyone else play the addictive shit that is RuneScape lmao?
    Well my lvl 104 was banned over a year ago...
    I started again this week with a low level account...

    Name: Carbon P K

    anyone got any accounts they dont use?? then tell me:D lol i need a new account ..

    My new one is level 50 lmao...

  2. Why would anyone 18 or older play RuneScape?

  3. if they were a faggot cunt

  4. Okay? lol
  5. This thread is cool.
  6. trolls and crabbs...
    let ppl do wat they want
  7. well i have a lvl 77 i think if you want it ill give you. just message me and ill give u the name and pass.
  8. I had a lvl 93 that got hacked so I just started playing on my pure and was gonna get 99 wc on it but quit because it's kinda stupid, the name is 1ma ki11 y0u. you can see the stats, I quit but If i get bored sometimes I'll play for a little bit.
  9. Runescape is a fine game for what it is; A flash MMORPG game.
    Sure, there's plenty of other games out there that are way funner, but take in account Runescape is a free game, and is quite addictive. I can't even begin how many wasted hours was spent clicking on a fucking rock or tree. :D

    I still play Runescape on occasion, but that's mainly to cut yews.
    Sh1ny Dagg3r

  10. phantasy star online is a free game...MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    download it there...and its legit too

    10000000000000000x better than runeshit
  11. PSO is better on a console than PC.
  12. I played a long time ago, a REALLY long time ago. I played back when there was no wilderness or anything, when you could PK anywhere.
  13. I have been playing that since party hats were being dropped all over randomly. They use to sell for like 25k. I have a level 115 I think, 99 fishing, etc. Bigmac795
  14. lol i used to play this game, but i dont anymore. its like crack dude its so fucking addictive.

    But i sold my account to a neighbor a long time ago, like 3 years ago for 50 bucks lawl. was a level 92. I couldnt beleive he bought it hahah.

    Oh well i had alot of good times when i was a young noob with that game. my first online game i ever played haha.
  15. My name was the same name you see here. Was a pure, when rs was good. Was richer than hell, underground famous.
  16. I'm playing runescape right now. The filter isnt as gay anymore and theres a lot of adults that play it anyways. Good game to play when high
  17. Yep. Does anyone know how to find out when people make replies to your posts? I don't know how to search anything like that...This is my first forum I've been on.

  18. I wont bad rep you or anything but if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

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