If you have erection problems try this!

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  1. Kegel exercises. Kegels have done wonders for me in just a few days. So if you're having problems getting hard or staying that way, or if you are having problems lasting long enough in bed. Do kegels. Seriously. I've been doing them for like 2 days and I already have noticed a HUGE difference.
  2. Your orgasms feelin better yet?

    Like the time when you and louis tried that kama sutra... (hilarious cut-out)
  3. hmm bacically flexing holding and letting go? If itll make erections stronger thats almost a good thing for me.. staying 70-80% hard isnt the same.. feeling floppy isnt good.
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    Actually two nights ago I had the best orgasm I've ever had. My girlfriend says that leading up to it I was moaning and making noises like I never have before :laughing:

    When I'm hard now I can actually feel like "muscle" around the base. Before, at the best it was pretty floppy when I would stand up. Other times I would stand up and it would almost instantly go away.
  5. Kegal exercises are the weirdest feeling
  6. i feel it in my ass almost as weird as that is :S but ill def give it a shot , im still young too. maybe all this smoking isnt good for me, or my johnson :\
  7. The muscle goes from your wee wee to your butt so its normal to feel it there!
  8. before the age of viagra, turkish men used the below device-called a cezve, meant for preparing turkish coffee-to get an erection (method explained below):


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    the guy would slowly dip his balls into the boiling water in the cezve and place his limp dick on the handle...the heat would eventually cause his flaccid cock to wake up-even if for a few fluttering moments of glory
  9. Boiling hot?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I would think dipping my balls is boiling hot water would be the last thing to make me hard.
  10. I actually get wet from doing them, maybe it feel different for guys? Or maybe I'm a freak.
  11. i donno, girls tend to like it, when im hard and i make my dick flex or wahtever she thinks its the coolest shit, i donno why, but i dont complain :D
  12. yeah...i guess when youre 70+ and playing overtime you dont care too much about getting your balls scalded for a few final penetrations...and i can dig that
  13. Occasionally I will get hard from doing them if I think about some sexy stuff haha.
  14. "If you can feel the muscles working, exercise them by:

    1. Squeezing / tightening and drawing in and up around both your anus (back passage) and urethra (bladder outlet)."

    WTF does that mean?

    I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. Flex my penis? Or hold my asshole tightly shut?
  15. Im getting pretty aroused from this, don't like warming my motor unless i'm going for the long haul.

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