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  1. How do you keep your cats from munching on your plants?
  2. hang out by your crop for a while, smoke a blunt if you want, then when you see that little critter go near your crops pop it with a paintball gun...

    or you could close up the grow space
  3. my kitten and his uncle just hang out with me, my ferret was a little douche bag when I was using soil,rip up my flowers twice....gotta laugh thou
  4. my cat is very curious about the plants so unless i am in my grow room, the door is closed. do whatever it takes to keep your cat out of your plants. use scare tactics like SMB said if you have to. as much as i love my cat, there is no way i'm letting her ruin my crop!
  5. Kill it and buy a dog.
  6. My Cat loves eating my plants, when I first started them from seeds, I had 10 and he ended up eating one of them on me, left nothing. lol.

    I now keep him out of the grow room, as I know he will continue to eat the plants. It is the easest way!
  7. i got 2 cats, & they have never bothered my plants.

  8. HAHAHAH, I love animals but this made me crack up. I just pictured the OP gettin up from their desk, grabbing a burlap sack and putting some rocks in it, and with a perfectly straight face pulling the cat out of the litter box and tossing it into the bag. Then its off the to the river and goodbye kitty.

    really though, I would never hurt an animal.
  9. Cats hate water. Buy a squirtgun as I did; keep it handy, lay in wait, and give it a good shot!!! I found a battery operated waterer, adjustable stream and shoots 20 feet, at Bi-Mart; excellent for foliar watering,(bottom of leaves), and reaching the 16 oz cups I have seedlings in over in the corner that I can't quite reach w/o crawling in. You can use it with about any open water container, and the screw on cap fits many 1 gallon jugs. I know it fits a bleach bottle. A great tool whatever you use it for, even keeping cool outside!!

    Hope it helps, good luck!!!!!!
  10. Yeah, close the door, unless you're growing in your living room or something.

    For general (non-weed) cat issues, try double-sticky tape. If you don't want them on your kitchen counters or whatever, put wide double-stick tape around the edges for a week or so. They HATE it, and better, they REMEMBER that they hate it and won't jump up there anymore.

    I acquired* a cat a few months ago, and that's all it took to keep her off the fish tank, away from the houseplants, and off the counters.

    (*A stray kitten was hanging around in front of my house for a few days, so we brought it in one night when we were drinking, and my dog LOVES chasing it around the house and playing with it. So yeah, I have a cat because it's a good dog toy.)

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