If you have any doubts about ordering from the city, READ!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by nodestiny, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. Im 20 and live at my grandparents house (who do not presently live here, its their retirement home) with a few roommates. I was skepticle to order from the city due to...

    -Parafanelia is illegal in the US
    -Mom found out, im dead
    -Girlfriend found out, im dead
    -Not always home to get mail
    -Worried about breakin glass in mail
    -so on and so forth

    I ordered a glass pipe (Bout 12.50, nice little bubbler) and got it about 2 weeks later. Packaging was very secure, only said it contained glassware, but nothing more. Opened it up and was exited to see my pipe, but it was BROKEN! I took a pic of it and posted it on the board.

    Within about 20 min of posting, i got a reply from superjoint saying "A new one is on the way". At first, i didnt exactly understand, but assumingly, i just thought everything was taken care of.

    That was just over a week ago (Maybe 10 days?). On my porch this morning, there it is! That packaging with the "Glassware" on it. I took it in to find my beautiful pipe, all in one peice!

    I know a lot of people are skepticle about buying from the city, but i can tell you right now that i will be ordering without fear from the city, many more times

  2. Ah, the most important aspect a buisiness could have, customer satisfaction.
  3. i wish i had the same luck, i sent in 40$ and i have no clue if they got it yet and its been almost 2 weeks. just remember to always send cash or checks registerd mail, now i wish i had but i didnt want to pay the extra 8$. there still may be hope though.
  4. I'll let Superjoint know what's up. He'll get back to you on this, Dangerousmind!!!

  5. mail me your order # to support@grasscity.com and I will take a look, two weeks is not long for a cash/check order, usaly it takes a month, especialy if it is a check. But if you send it also without regsitered mail ,it should have arrived just fine, just let me know and we will take alook into the order system.


  6. my order # is 020684 i sent a support request but as of now it hasnt been replied to, you guys might have gotten the money because the status changed from cash-checks to pre-shipping but that was almost 2 weeks ago. I just wanna know if you guys got the money yet?

  7. We got the cash. ot's a color changing glass peace you've ordered. it takes a little longer to get shipped because the glass blowers are busy as hell this summer, expect shipping next week, you will receive an emial notice. nothing to worry about! Sit tight and you will get your piece!


  8. thanks for the quick response, this site has the best customer service out of all the ones i've visited and i'll come back for all of my smoking needs.
  9. So how much money does it cost to ship to the US.isnt it like an extra $20? And if I do and its by Credit Card, about how long will I wait?? (I live in New England, so by New York, Massachusetts) Thanks

  10. All orders are $11.50 shipping costs, no matter where the order is shipped to, creditcard payment are instant, it will take three days to get ready for shipping and between 10 and 14 business days upon arrival.



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