If you have a small child do not move to Florida.

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    In the last say 3 years there has been 3 high profile cases in Florida with missing children.

    Trenton Duckett of Leesburg, Florida.

    This was close to me, I actually knew the mother who killed herself.
    I lived alittle more than 8 miles from the apartments he was taken from.
    Never found.

    Caylee Anthony of Orlando, Florida

    Im sure you heard of this some what.

    And now...
    Haleigh Cummings of Satsuma, Florida

    Older case but very high profile.
    Adam Walsh,son of John Walsh from Hollywood, Florida

    So if you have a small child and are thinking of Florida think otherwise.
    If I have child in this state Ima keep them on some GPS system.:hello:

  2. kids get taken in every state
  3. Yeah I live right in the same area of the OP and I agree there are quite a few missing children but theres a catch. Trenton and Caylee both point to the mothers for the reason of them missing. Haleigh is still a new case and not too much is known yet. Dont move to florida with small kids if your a psycho bitch is a more apropriate title.

  4. Qft.:smoke:
  5. well its FLAllday for me

    but i dont plan on having kids

    so this works :wave:
  6. not to be as asshole, but three high profile missing cases doesn't mean much to me. i hate how the media grabs onto certain missing kids cases because the abducted were cute, blonde-haired and blue-eyed 17 yr old girl from the suburbs. would the media make a huge deal about a young, black, broke and practically homeless girl who went missing?

    it's sort of like plane crashes. i know 50 people died the other day in a plane crash, and as super sad as it may be, it doesn't compare to the 40,000+ people who died in car crashes last year alone. did the media give a shit about those 40,000 people? of course not, that's not good news. 50 people dying in a dramatic plane explosion is much more fun.

    i know i'm sinical, but just because something makes the news doesn't mean it is significant.
  7. To be a complete asshole, you cares about someone who is homeless?
    They got there for a reason.

    Also, none of these cases involved children over 10,why?
    Because kids like these are small,helpless,the media loves this shit.
    It connects to people on a personal and emotional levels.

    Those 40,000 plus happen every year,why cover them all?
    Who cares about John Smith or Joana Ryans?
    I sure as hell don't, let there families worry about them.
    My life is too damn tough as is...Thats why I turn on the TV to be entertained.

    I turn on the news to be told about altered storys that matter to me, cause its news.
  8. Don't move to florida period

    This place sucks so fucking bad
  9. yes, that makes you a certifiable asshole.

    who exactly do you think the media sensation abductees are before they become media sensations? nobody's... just your John's Smith's and Joana Ryans. it's clear you only care about them because of the media coverage and no other reason, which frankly is about as shallow as it gets.

    get out a little more...be a little more inquisitive with life. media is biased, skewed and glamorous. be above that, be an independent thinking person. make opinions based on the real world, not what the media tells you is the real world.

    just speaking my opinion.
  10. If you want to scare people into not moving to Florida, you shouldnt make it sound so inviting with *only* 3 kids missing in 3 years.
    That must be the lowest abduction rate anywhere in the world.

    I think you are forgetting the 100s of minority children that go missing each year, news like that doesnt sell, so they dont make a big deal out of it.
    Face it, if they wernt white, it wouldnt make the news.
  11. fixed:p
  12. Thanks, I guess they do make the local news for the times in between fear mongering tactics and what SUV will be best next year.
  13. You clearly have no clue what goes on in other state's as this happen's here and there everyday.
  14. shit i dont no what news u guys watch...

  15. pshhh sorry bro but your a fool if you think the race card went out the door when obama won.. The race card will never be gone as sad as that is but its always gonna be there..

  16. Um....can you read?

    I stated that already kiddo.

    Also yes please cut the race shit.
    Plenty blacksgo missing every year and get coverage.
    Local coverage yes.
    national not so much

    I brought these cases up in a sense that they are Nationally known.
    And all from Florida.I could probly name a few more cases off the top of my head right now from Florida where a child went missing and it was a big deal.

    I got a new title for this.
    If you want to take a small child don't move to Florida if you don't like media converage,and leonard padilla.:smoke:
  17. yeah, what;s your point op? 3's not even a large number
  18. *cough*
  19. This has got to be one of the dumbest things i herd....yes everyonoe with a child dont move to a certian state because 3 kids were taken....kids get kidnapped, murdered, tortured, etc. in every place across the world.
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    Is there just an un-proportionate amount of pedophiles in FL or what? I know pedophiles are everywhere but it seems like all of the high profile type incidents happen in FL. In fact I saw some show on late last night where a FL. girl was lured by another high school girl to a house where she was drugged, gang rapped for 5 days and was sold for $300,000. Fortunately she was rescued but no arrests were made and no charges ever brought to court. WTF?

    Edit: After reading some posts I think this thread was more or less of a rant, rather than a serious factually based opinion.

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