If you happy and you know it, show your veg!

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  1. Day 28, welcome to opening of week 5
    -Its been 6 days from the LST, everything look great seems like the plants healthy and of course happy.
    -Been pass 11 days since the topping its all good.
    -1 of 2 main Cola's is break during LST in 1 plant but he recovers really fast (the left one)
    -Still no sex sign i hope this week i will get to know that both of them is 100% femenize. (This is femenize seeds, but just to make sure)
    - look like the nutrients are really good because not had some issues with missing or over feeding so i am happy.
    - hope this week they started to grow up i want to put the scrog net.

    ** Do you recommend to do something eals? Any tips will be welcome!
    -do i need to top again to create more Cola's?

    Have a great day folx

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  2. what do you think?
  3. Those are looking good MB, when are you planning to switch to flower?

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  4. Emmm i dont really know haha. I just really enjoy growing them now.
    Maybe 2-3 weeks..
  5. I top my photoperiods at least 4 times and usually veg for 8 to 9 weeks.
  6. So what you recommend to top again?

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