If you had to give up a sense, which one would it be

Discussion in 'General' started by JuanRing, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. For me it would probably be smell, because, while i would miss the smell of weed, among other things, its the one i think i could live without easiest.

    What about you GC
  2. without smell you would give up taste as well. i would probably choose taste as well becuase you could probably still "taste" stuff you know even if you couldn't REALLY taste it

  3. Hmmm good point.

    Im changing my vote to taste then, cuz then i could retain smell.

    I`m sensing a pattern here :D
  4. I would give up hearing. I don't like listening to people talk anyway.
  5. vision..
    Closed Eye > Open Eye
  6. yeah i'd take taste too

    actually no fuck that, id give up smell. honestly yeah i know smell helps taste a LOT but ill still be able to taste my popcicle when i'm baked
  7. But you notice that the smell is the reason too while you tasted that popcicle.. :eek:
  8. I'd pick touch, but only if it didn't interfere my ability to orgasm.
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    thats a double edge sword...you can just eat the healthiest foods because its not like u cant taste em, and have a great body.

    but, the pleasure of indulging into my munchies is a pleasure i dont think i can give up :(

  10. since this is hypothetical, you wouldn't lose taste if you gave up smell.
    its one or the other.

    smell for me.

  11. I think the loss of smell will result in an loss of taste too. I definitely wouldn't want to go two for the price of one here. :) But yes, loss of smell would be the best individual loss.
  12. you wouldnt be able to smell other peoples farts........the down side is you cant smell yours either :eek:
  13. I could go forever :)

    but i heard on the news a while back this girl didnt have no sense of pain, i guess touch, and she would chew on her tongue...not knowing she was doing it, and she would grab hot lightbulbs and stuff and get burned and shit....not knowing it hurt, it was crazy.

    But i would have to pick.....Taste, i could live without taste.
  14. cant taste headies????? well thats enought to make me...........:cry:
  15. Would suck, but i rather lose that than Vision,Hearing or Smell.....is sober a sense? id lose that in a heart beat lol
  16. Really? Touch? I'm not just talking about just fingers, i'm talking about your whole body being numb. You wouldn't be able to feel a kiss, a touch, the soft feel of your bed against your skin, plus it would be much harder to pick up objects and handle them without the use of touch.

    Touch is probably one of the senses i would keep before all others, except eyesight, obviously, because i'm the most dependant on it.
  17. Sight, so i can become a superhero

  18. or you can become a superhuman who can do major damage cuz they cant feel shit :D

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