If you had to fight in any war?

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  1. IF for some reason, any reason you want it doesnt matter, you HAD to fight (lets say..4 years, at least four tours) in any war that has been fought on this planet, then which war would you fight in, who would you fight for, and why???:smoke:
  2. cold War...or the War on Drugs (sorry)
  3. The war against the elite, I would side with the spiritually poverty stricken residents of America. I've always wanted to off a big-banker..
  4. for me, at least, i think that i would fight in WW2, and fly planes or something. If youre gonna do something, go all the way hahaha
  5. The war against the machines


  6. nice haha. so does that count as civil war? i mean, im not talking about some hitman shit, im talking about all out war!!!
  7. I'd gladly give my life to genghis Kahn.
  8. Vietnam U.S. Marine. Smoke mass weed and hang back and listen to Hendrix and Zeppelin
  9. None, sorry I don't murder people...
  10. I guess it could count as civil war, only I don't consider this Country to be the Elite's at all, it is ours, I consider them foreign occupancies, so in a way I wouldn't consider it a civil war.
  11. Forgot to add why I'd serve genghis Kahn.

    To finish the job.
  12. The wars of Scottish Independence

    How can you not wanna fight for this man?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLrrBs8JBQo]Braveheart In Defiance Of The English Tyranny! BRAVO - YouTube[/ame]
  13. WWII. what a heroic war
  14. The Battle of Hastings. I want to murder those fucking English bastards (I love Brits!)
  15. Idk maybe Korea or WW2.
  16. Cold war as a spy
  17. probably Island Hopping in the Pacific in WWII, those guys were badasses. pilot in WWI. or maybe Vietnam
  18. Operation whateverthefuck Freedom we are just wrapping up.

    Why? Because I like toys, and all the shit in the other wars is old and ghetto! No way I'll get an ACOG on my rifle back in the Civil War or something.
  19. Real talk :cool:

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  20. 'Nam.
    I'd hope to smoke some of that stuff my dad said he had imported from there back in the day :smoke:

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