If you had to choose the momentum of your general mood...

Discussion in 'General' started by bkadoctaj, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. See poll. You know the drill.

    Please post too! :)
  2. gone much more negative. It's constantly raining piss on me at the moment.
  3. I get good feelings about doing things, then I will just get a feeling after that it is just ok and nothing to feel good about.

    Cant describe it, but yeah

  4. Lack of constancy you mean?
  5. neither. just been negative for quite some time now. sux.
  6. Nowhere to go but up from here, I'm a sewer pipe cleaner, and the shit's getting sweeter.:cool:

    I got 12 hours of overtime on my last check, just from flushing my own shit.
  7. life's sucks, but it's improving
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    Hmm... interesting, the first four votes were all "more positive to more negative" and the last eight were all "more negative to more positive". Intriguing.

    The next 12 votes after that were "more positive to more negative".

    Very interesting.
  9. shit sucks, but im trying to fix things and im optimistic about the very, very distant future. its just really hard to be happy right now.
  10. considering that it is a Sunday probably more people are going from good to bad thinking about tomorrow
  11. im usually pretty happy.
    i wake up pissed because i never get sleep, then i get happier as the day goes along.

  12. Considering this poll has an indefinite time limit, that'll change soon enough.
  13. It's been an up and down week for me.

    Low point - found out my grandpa is in the hospital, not doing well.

    High point - Met this really sweet, hot girl @ Hooters that I chilled with pretty much the whole weekend.

    Best option for me would be stayed positive.
  14. yea man my grandma is apparently being driven to the hospital right now =\... i need a fuckin bowl
  15. Damn, sorry to hear about that XVIPimp and suburbantoker. Best of luck with those situations. :)

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