If you had the whole world to yourself...

Discussion in 'General' started by YEM, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. What would you do?
  2. fart loudly in public
  3. There wouldent be a public to fart loudly infront of haha
  4. Find the largest sum of the best drugs. Basically all opiates, lots of yayo, and ofcourse LSD. And lots of bud.
  5. freedom and the power of equality
  6. Learn to grow my own weed i guess
  7. I would probably shoot myself.

  8. damn you! :( :p
    the thrill just wouldn't be there :/

    ill re-answer OPs question:

    masturbate in every single house, making sure i eventually jacked of in every house in the world.

    Then take all the drugs i found along the way.
  9. Well.. ok.. i guess id study a shit load about space and how to fly a shuttle, then id take said shuttle and spend the rest of my life looking for another life form to share my time with.
  10. Find some drugs, jack a nice car, rag the shit out around all the corners, then chill.
  11. Masturbate, smoke the rest of my weed, masturbate again.

    Then start my quest of finding another living human, hopefully female to repopulate the world. And die lonely, exhausted, and depressed.
  12. The question is, what WOULDN'T you do? You could do everything pretty much.
  13. i would most likely live at home with my dog. and maybe try to find a cure for the plague that turns everyone into nightzombies. but my dog is gonna get infected so im gonna have to kill it and then im gonna be all alone. and really sad.

    but then i discover im not alone when this lady shows up and tells me there is hope. i dont believe her so i stay where i am.

    then i find the cure.

    but i die.

  14. I Am Legend.
  15. Lol, I Am Legend...about to watch that shit again now.
  16. Hmmm I don't know what I'd do.
    I mean. It's basically I'd do things I always do by myself -_-

    except drive a nice car and break into stores stealing all the shit I want.
  17. Hmmmm, drive all the fastest nicest cars, then blow them up, then do it again after getting super blazed cuz I own all the weed in the world, then i'd go swimming, then I'd blow some more shit up, yeah..... then I'd shoot some stuff
  18. I would break into police evidence lockers and get a shitload of drugs.

    I would proceed to do those drugs.

    Then I would most likely shoot myself after a few years of binging on drugs and being lonely.

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