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Discussion in 'General' started by Bunneh, May 28, 2009.

  1. If you had the chance, if you found a portal leading into an alternate universe where weed was legal (but there was other complications, opposites etc) and your family/friends were the same, would you go there? post your thoughts about it.
  2. What kind of other complications are we talking about? Hard to answer without knowing....
  3. hmm not sure, possibly laws, how jobs are done, like maths questions are done the opposite way around and shit, how some people act, people in power different, laws. not the COMPLETE opposite but different to how we are now. i dont mean like gov's are like LOL LEGALIZE HEROIN KILL EVERYONE just different views about anything really.

    just stoned atm and need something to think about hahaha
  4. lol fck that if weed was legal the tax would be craazy

    and i hate maths fuck that shit yo hahahaha
  5. Not really sure. I think I could stand math being funny if that's the only major disadvantage. But if it costs more to buy the stuff there than it does here then I think I'll stick with being where I am
  6. As long as the changes were nothing horrible I probably would. I want it legal so bad I can taste it.
  7. well, it would really all depend on what the other complications were... but if it's nothing too bad, probably.
  8. Nah. I think I may just be patient and wait for the inevitable legalisation...
    I sure hope it's inevitable.
  9. Hell no, not if my family and friends are going to be the same fags
  10. hahahah

    nahh i'd stay here. at least give it a few more years
  11. fuck that! i'll just stay here and smoke weed illegally. who really gives a fuck?:smoking:
  12. Why not?! :laughing:


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