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if you had kid what would you say!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by joeyazzz, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. lets say you had a kid and he asked you if you ever used drugs,would you say you have never done drugs? would you say you tried them.
    or would you say the classic stoner quote "im such a stoner i forgot to get high"
  2. "son I've never done drugs in my life , but i have been on the same several different prescription medications for 5 years ."

    And wink er some shit
  3. I'd pull the "only tried it once, was a terrible trip" and try my best to keep them away from it until they were like 16ish then smoke them out (maybe to the point of paranoia so they freak out and not do it again). When they turn 18, I'll have a fat joint sitting on the table for their first ever wake and bake. At that point, I'm gonna show them the finer points of God's Ganja Greens. But honestly, I keep thinking about it, and I would have to measure the maturity of my kid before addressing the subject on a "realtalk" basis
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    agree calvin how old they are means nothing
  5. If he was real young, I'd just say that I've done a few drugs in my day. Once he/she got older, I'd be willing to talk about which specific experiences I've had, what each drug was like, etc.
  6. I'd be completely honest with them about it, I'm sure I'll be smoking when I'm married. I'm not marrying a chick that I'd consider as a risk for drug addiction either... Prescription pills for the most part... well, why did I say that? I'm that high I got off topic.

    BE HONEST WITH YOUR KIDS, let them know even though you smoke doesn't mean they should.. Wait until they're responsible enough for it.. It's fucked up when parents don't deal with it and kids get all kinds of drugs @ school. I know I could of got any street drug in highschool, when i was in high school.. It's not bad to try them, but every day? Come on now, that's what weed is for. Why put your self through a heroin addiction for example? Look at the people.
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    Completely depends. If I have a kid and he/she turns out to be immature and can't handle his shit I will not let him smoke until he/she shapes the fuck up :smoke:.
  8. "yeah, son hit this doobie with me maybe your balls will drop"
  9. What you have to do is measure the maturity of your child and go from there.. IF they are 14 and ask you "Hey dad, have you ever done any drugs?" You need to have it already pre-thought out if they can handle the truth or not..

    When it is time, you sit down with him/her and talk to them about drugs.. Maybe this is better to talk to them at a young age so they wont get into nasty hardcore shit while still in grade school..... It all depends on your child..

    But i know one thing for sure, no matter where you go in this country, any town any high school, and you can find any drug. It's serious shit out there, and you gotta be on that same level with your kid to talk with them about this stuff..

    But yes, to answer the question, at the right time/place I will tell my child i smoke the reefer and I love it.
  10. I've got nothing to hide. My parents would occasionally drink beer around me, and I'm not a walking alchie (neither are they, for the record) but I do enjoy a nice draft of Ghost River or Guinness draft every now and then.

    If I had a kid, I wouldn't flaunt it. I wouldn't even say anything until they inquire, and I'll be honest with them.

    And, if they're mature enough, on his/her 16th birthday, I'll give them a gram and we'll play Streets of Rage together.
  11. I'd tell them, "of course" I tried and partook in the herb. But I will keep them away from it until I feel they are mature enough. At that point I would explain how it should be enjoyed responsibly and safely, and not abused as it is a gift that must be respected.

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