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Discussion in 'General' started by ZionBound, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. So I just heard there's a new vaporizer model that costs over $600. This seems absolutely ridiculous to me and leads me to ask: If you had $700 how would you send it?

    A) On 2 Ounces and enough papers for a month
    B) On a new $300 bong, $200 bubbler and a nice half ounce.
    C) On this new Digital Vaporizer

    My vote: B

    Your thoughts???
  2. $200 bong, an ounce, and lot of munchies
  3. B.

    I already got a badass volcano that I paid fucking $550 for.
  4. A Digital Volcano?

    The only up-side to this is that the regular Volcano might come down in price a few bucks.
  5. I would buy an ultra heady inline bubbler and some new gong slides.

    If I had $700 and wanted a volcano I would buy the old style volcano and and ounce of weed. The digital one isnt much better. It tells you the temp... thats not worth an extra $300 bucks to me. Once you get the hang of the old style volcano it works just as well. The new one is ugly as hell too.
  6. $200 bong +1 oz.
    Save the rest for when you run out of weed.


  7. Thats probably what I would do
  8. 3 and 1/2 ounces thats what i would get.
  9. id use it to pay bills....then id take whats left over and buy some weed...

    i got priorities, and really dont see the point in spending soo much just to smoke...appreciate whatchya got and whatchya working with and ive got a pack of swisher perfectos that cost me 3, a bowl for 15, and slide bong that cost me 20 bucks, and they all do just fine
  10. make it into 1400,haha, nah
    but out of those choices id go with B, for sure. thats not too much to spend on glass where its an obsession, yet better than those 'slider bongs fishin's talkin bout(IMO)
    i do however agree that blunts are nice, but i bet a shelled out over 1000 dollars in blunts alone, probably a lot more, thats an underestimate
    back n the day id pick up like 5 a day, everyday thats 4-5 bucks a day. 3-4 if you buy the 5pack
    in the end i smoked a shit ton of tobbaco that i am very against(cigs at least) and at the end of the day didnt have anything to show for it...as long as you dont break the glass, the bong lives on
  11. I would spend it on D) Other.

    I would buy a nice exhaust system for my ride.
  12. id reserve a couple xbox 360 games(gta4, halo 3) buy a oz and a new bubbler
  13. Hmm, I would pick up and sell If I were you. You could make a VERY nice profit. But honestly, All that flashy glass, and volcano's don't impress me, or the group I chill with. I'm not someone who will pay $400 for a bong cause it says " Roor" on the side. I've used vaporizers, and they're awesome. But I still wouldn't dish out that much cash.

    Bong hits are nice, So I would get a cheaper glass bong, Like $150 or less at a headship. I'd also buy another pipe or two.

    I once had $500 to spend. I bought 2 pipes ( $50 for two, very nice. One was blue, one was green, both 4" tiger striped pipes). I then Bought a box of Honey Dutches. Spent enough to get 2 oz's, and just relaxed. I had enough left over for munchies, and cigarettes. That was awesome.

    you could also save some of the cash for next time...
  14. Already have the best bong I've ever smoked... so I'd spend $70 and get a digi-vape off eBay that's every bit as good as that over-priced vape you mentioned... then I'd get a $600 care-package of psychedelics, opiates, and OG Kush from my boy out in Cali.
  15. I would buy lights, fans and nutes, and in a few months I'd have my 700 bucks back, and a nice stash to boot. Invest!
  16. I'd probally spend it on a 200 dollar bong and an ounce.
  17. I go wit A roll up soo many fatttys..wish i had any bud now :( being dry suxs
  18. I've already got a beautiful bong, so all that money would go toward some nice exotics, a couple of new pieces, and some dutchies :)
  19. I'de buy a Oz. and get enough shrooms for my friends and I, then the rest on munchies and entertainment for the night.

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