If you had $50

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Dexes, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Would you get 3 30mg roxi's for $10 a pop and a dub of some dank. Or get some xanax at 2/$5
  2. 30's round here go for 25-30 a pop, you lucky bastard:rolleyes: but id grab 2 30's (20bux) a dub and 2 xanax for the next day or late at night
  3. honestly the xannies would last me way longer and i like em way better haha so those. name brand xanax isnt always available at a moments notice here so sometimes i havbe to settle for other benzos and ativan just aint the same.
  4. ^^^ This and you're set for the night maybe even 2 nights.
  5. As much as I love me some xanax, Id get the weed and opies. They kinda just go together.
  6. weed and opies!
  7. Same here!
  8. My boy is getting fronted a half bottle right now of 30's at $4 a pop. Im copping like 10 for 50!! And were getting an 1/8th of this really nice dank.
  9. Id cop those roxys, seem like a really good deal.
  10. I'd buy a dime and 4 roxys but that's just me. 3 and a dub is a better deal to most people.
  11. ROXI
    best night of your life.
    holyshit im jealous
  12. I hate to be a downer but if you do get roxis and Xanax just please becareful with them! I know alot of people that aint here anymore because of that stuff. Have fun and stay safe.
  13. Two bags of some fire dope and a cheap bottle of vodka. Goodnight :)
  14. opies and dopie homie
  15. id probly blow the whole thing on a fat sack of dope(only cause im w/ding) and catch a nod. otherwise, id grab a $30 sack of black, and a dub of mids, and roll a few blunts.

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