if you had 450$....

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  1. I have 450$ I am going to spend on a bong...... what should I get?

    One rule is it has to have percs
  2. get a vape, along with a bong so you can vapor bong and rip the bong when you dont wanna vape. Seems the most logical to me
  3. Vapes are boring...... I'm all about bongs

    Also, I feel like I have to get a 600$ vape for it to be worth it. Cheap vapes don't work very well at least with my experience.
  4. Get a RooR. Double Perc, Diffused downstem, ice catcher, golden weed leaf sand blasted into the side. 2.5 - 3 footer, ash catcher.
  5. Vape! Vape! Vape!

    Vapes are way worth an investment than a bong. I got my bong for 200$ and I love it, it works better than anything and is better for my lungs!
  6. nah dude you can get a good vape for like 200 and yes shitty vapes give them a bad name, get either the silver surfer or the extreme q and then with the left over money get a bong that you can attach the vape to, way worth the money trust me
  7. thats what i honestly thought. but my EQ is all i use. But if bongs are what your looking for SG, SGW , LW, 2011bc sure missing some
  8. id buy a cheaper but still nice bong then buy weed to smoke it in my new piece
  9. i hate when you make a thread asking a specific question and people answer with shit you dont wanna hear.

    the op said bong, right in the title, so if all you have to say is "get a vape" why bother posting??

    the sov king stemline is the golden standard, runs about 320, but are hard to find.
  10. I'd get a 2010bc stemline to gridded tophat circ, runs around $500 but would kill anything else
  11. Do you have a link?
  12. get a stemline and a extreme q vaporizer or a gridded 2010bc ash catcher
    check out aqualab bra
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fpq47v0nk2M]YouTube - Stemlime Whole & Skim Milkshots[/ame]
  13. Luke wilson 10 to 15 arm beaker
  14. i was thinking this exact thing when i was scrolling down.

    for $450, id get a king stemline (if you can find one) and a worked ben wilson DD bowl
    other than the stemline, waffles are great, 2010/2011bc is killing it lately
  15. King Stemline/Reg Stemline + AC with the rest
  16. Sovereignty Glass Stem line to 8 tree perc or E Ross 4.0 Alex K diffused diffy to double showerhead. If I was spending $500. Those are the two I would be looking at. Never hit a Toro, and personally not on that wagon, but I hear that their 7/13's are pretty sweet.

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