If you had 3 wishes..

Discussion in 'General' started by punkyworld, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. If you had three wishes what would you wish for?

    #1 Basement filled full of White Widow.
    #2 Someplace I could get acid anytime I wanted it.
    #3 To be successful at whatever profession I choose..(aka. buying, growing, selling, etc..)
  2. hmmmmm.......... If i had 3 WISHES I would wish for....

    1. 1,000,000 more wishes
    2. a life time supply of hash and hash oil
    3. to have hot ass naked guys with sexy bodys and big dicks waiting on me for the rest of my life, whenever i wanted! (ok sorry i got a little detailed their!)
  3. #1. Immortality.

    #2. Whenever I need weed, I just reach into my left pocket,
    and there's a baggie with as much as I need for the occaision.

    #3. Whenever I need money, I just reach into my right pocket,
    and there's exactly as much cash as I need.
  4. 1. The end of world hunger
    2. Enough money to live *comfortably* for the rest of my life.
    3. The legalization of marijuana, so I can grow it safely in my house :D
  5. 1. I would liek the power to create at will... (Example = anything really...)
    2. Immortality through this time and the next without aging.

    3. well the first two really cover almost everything that I would ever need or want...plenty of time to do or get anything else in that time alive... don't want to get bored...

    but anyways my third wish I would have to wait on... Someone else Im sure can use it more than I... But in the case I have to wish... I would wish for everyone to have 1 more wish...

    now what would be your fourth? or would you really need it?
  6. blix, you pretty much said my idea...

    i would wish that i could reach into my pockets and pull out anything i want.
    but i mean anything, like a tank, or 56 pounds of the best weed known to man, or jupiter etc....

    then id wish that everyone in the world liked me, and would do anything i asked

    finally that i could turn into anything, like a calculator, or an island, or a fish man with gills and a huge jet motor on my back...
  7. world peace

    true love


    it's sounds cheesy but if you think about it, you really would'nt need much else...
  8. 1. To Fly

    2. To create items at will.

    3.To have powers like the guy on the Matrix.

    I haven't had time to get on lately, but I'm back!
  9. critter,...empathy for you or for everyone else?

    had me three wishes once.
    so much for world peace..

    wished my best friend would forgive me
    wished for some alone time....
    wished fora fairytale kiss............

  10. I would wish for all my wishes to come true the rest of my life!!!!!!

    I would then start by having all the blades at my house for brunch in the morning!!!
  11. ^^^^^With the lifetime amount of weed for every one of us!!!^^^^^
  12. ok blix i would go for our last two but instead of immortality i would choose all the hot girls i wanted for the rest of my life. immortality would be my fourth wish. but you know what i bet you would be screwed over cause whenever you wanted weed you would never have a pipe
  13. lol.. so true weedeater... so true.. I was with my friend today he picked me up and we went to go get a sack.. and all we had was my hydo pipe.. we had to smoke schwag outta it cuz he left his metal pipe at home.. but it was all cool
  14. Invisibility
    X-ray vision
    Three more wishes

    which would be

    All drugs which I consider reasonably safe are legal
    I think I'll save my last wish for later...

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