If you had 200 - 300 for a Grow Box. What would you do?

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    Hey Blades,
      Just trying to get some great advice, so this is a good way to get people talking and maybe discover more information or an epic growbox build, so...:
    What would YOU do if you had $200-300 to build a GrowBox?
    - These would be clones I'd buy from the dispensary (Maybe 2 - 4 clones max. Probably 2.. This is just for me and I'm a light smoker.
    - Stealth is not a concern.
    - The smell isn't really a concern, but if it could be masked, that'd be nice!
    - I have access to online purchases, or local purchases from home depot, garden centers, headshops.
    Thanks beforehand, for any information or advice!! Cheers!

  2. You're gunna need to give more info. Size of grow space are you going to need heat,a/c, humidifier, dehumidifier. 200-300 could be used up just in lighting for 4 plants. Thats no medium, no nutes, no fans, no frills. Its going to come down to your funds and how serious you want to take it. If you want to start out at low $$$$ maybe just 1 or 2_plants with either something like a 250w hid light or CFLs. Maybe look into micro grows.Instead of having others do all the research for you, do some research and come up with a game plan, it will be much more rewarding in the end. When you need advice there's tons of brilliant growers on here to help. Nobody knows your situation better then you.
  3. Most expensive part of my 400W HPS cab was my vortex fan and inline filter which is split between another cab, the rest of everything was under $300 in total cost to build, including light, ballast, and cab. I have room for about 10-15 medium sized plants.

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  4. Start off with a small 400w HID setup.  Not much else you can do.
    Forget about building a grow box if you don't care about stealth or smell.
  5. A 32"x32" grow tent, 400w mh/hps and 4" inline fan can be picked up for about $250 on ebay.... Ideal for a few plants and easy to set up.
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    if all your looking for is lights, ballast and fan ya you can do nice for $300, you can probably even get a cheap but decent tent in that. That's why I asked for more info. And what about all the supplies, medium & equipment? Is the $ covering that also?
  7. used gear is always cheaper. look for a store that buys used stuff. look on craigslist. 
    Cheapest way is to grow outside.  just stick those clones right between the tomato plants.
    A windowsill grow. 

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