If you had 15 minutes on TV and the whole world could watch...

Discussion in 'General' started by bkadoctaj, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. What would you do/say?

    It doesn't matter what it is so long as it's what you'd really do.

    I'd play some reggae music or maybe Sevara Nazarkhan.
  2. I would publicly itch my balls.
  3. Smoke a bowl.
  4. Smoke a blunt and just talk about random shit.
  5. I'd tell everyone to go get a life. Because watching me for more than 30 seconds is wasted time you ain't never gettin' back.:p
  6. Smoke a mad blunt.
    Use my skills to wake people up. (Spread the word, ftw!)
    Talk about random shit.

  7. i would masterbate
  8. I'd smoke the fattest blunt i've ever smoked, and I've smoked some fat blunts :p

    and I'd talk about legalization and tell everyone that has any weed to spark up at the same time I do
  9. i think i would say wake the fuck up... and preach the good word. haha. and obviously smoke a dutchie.
  10. I´d tell the entire world to go fuck themselves.
  11. get high
    tell knock knock jokes

    and talk about conspiracy theories about the g-ment
  12. Yup. Id sit there ignoring the camera, smoking a bowl posting on the city. For 15 minutes.


  13. best answer right there

    lol dude that's awkward as fuck
  14. this:

    "when im done smoking this enormous joint you see here, i want everyone watching this to take their televisions and smash them to pieces. television is mind control, sitting on your ass staring at this box is the reason why humanity is overweight, unhappy, and devolving rapidly.

    but while we're here lets get baked and listen to some tunes!!!"

    *turns on sick ass sound system, bumps dirty dirty beats worldwide*
  15. I would say hi :wave: then ask everyone that wants to get weed decriminalized/legal to stand up and vote for it cause shit aint going to change unless we start it! Pretty much try and hype up enough people to want to do something vs. sitting down and waiting for shit to change
  16. I'd either pretend to be hosting animal planet, and start trying to capture 'the sperm whale', ....or I'd get behind unsuspecting folks and make graphic masturbation gestures.
  17. I'd tell the truth and open up the eyes of the brainwashed. They would then know that I'm really the 2nd coming of christ and crucify me again.
  18. i would play my music with my band, and then smoke a bowl, or the other way around lol.
  19. I'd dress up like a clown and make the whole world watch me eat George Dubya's face. For 15 minutes. Man, i'd go to town on that face. That guy's a fuckin' dick.

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