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If you had $10,000 worth of weed... ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NYC Smoker, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. How long would it take you to smoke it? How much would that scale to anyways?
    I'd say a year, couple of Js a day ^_^
  2. Like 2 or 3 pounds of dank. A long ass time.
  3. I could probably get though a ounce a week with smoking with a friend. Normally I go through a gram or 2 a day depending on the day.
  4. Idk? The more I have the more I smoke.
  5. would probably last me a few months for sure. if only..
  6. About 560 days
  7. A couple years at least, that'd prolly be a little over 3 lbs of dank
  8. that would last me too long and would get dried out and nasty.. I like buying in half ounces or if I have the money ounces at a time and that lasts me a good month or two depending if I got a half or a ounce
  9. Id make half of it into concentrates, use the rest to smoke the concentrates along with. :smoking:
  10. someone here got that much work easy
  11. I'd be in the good for a while. Between smoking and slingin, it'd probably last me a year.
  12. Wiz Khalifa said he spends on average of $10,000 on bud a month sooooooooo...
  13. I hate Wiz Khalifa .... he ain't no Shad or K-os ...Canadian rap is where its at IMO
  14. assuming pound price is 1500 that would be 9 pounds i think im having a really hard time figuring out how much
  15. But be honest, you would live his life if you could....

    Thats alot of weed man.

    And i doubt he is giving numbers of what just he smokes, thats for his entire crew because he smokes everyone out all day

    On topic,
    id probably only smoke 2 grams a day so how ever much weed, in grams just divide by two.
  16. If I had 10,000$ worth of weed, I would double my money a couple times before I finished smoking my personal supply :eek:
  17. approximately 672 days.

    I'm a relatively light smoker (about 2 grams a week, more or less), so it'd take me almost 2 years to get through that shit, not taking into account parties or seshes with friends, with that factored in maybe a year.

    FYI I figured that out stoned (28gs in a oz x 16oz in a lb x 3lbs aprox of dank /2 grams a day)

    fuck I fucked that up. oh well.
  18. One day...... No just joking i would make a shitload of brownies and just be a weed santa to all my friends.
  19. about 5 1/2 lbs... Anywhere from 3-6 years.
  20. 24 hours

    Challenge accepted

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