If you got weed..

Discussion in 'General' started by MichaelArevalo, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. I picked up an 8th for cheaper then I normally get it for and it was even better quality then the stuff I got from my best connect. Tastes like heaven and smells like fruit loops. I wish I could live in the jar. :bongin:
  2. I will.. Put down my dabber.

    And pick up my grinder. Just for this thread.
  3. Wish I could, been dry for about 5 weeks now. Supposedly the HS dealers got busted, and I still don't know anyone in my area. Been about 2 years and still nothing.

    Not having a mode of transportation or an idea where tokers hang out in my area sucks.
  4. Death star in the bowl. Smokin.
  5. [quote name='"MrGrass"']Death star in the bowl. Smokin.[/quote]

    Death Star on star wars day?
    You sir, are the fucking man :smoking:
  6. hey guys, if your not smoking weed...you know what you should be doing....smoking weed
    whens a good time to be high? everytime
  7. [quote name='"reefercrazyness"']

    Death Star on star wars day?
    You sir, are the fucking man :smoking:[/quote]

    Didn't know it was. But cool!
  8. Yall better be smokin dat weed! Ya har me?
  9. i'm broke and dry :D
  10. Can't wait to get off work. Got a quarter sack waiting for me in the car.
  11. Took this advice last night and now I have no more bud :bongin:
  12. Shit man, you might be into something. I like the way you think, keep it up.
  13. I'm gonna blaze a bubbler bowl of master kush. Anyone else about to partake in bud blazing?

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