If you got weed..

Discussion in 'General' started by MichaelArevalo, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Smoke it! Thats all I'm mother-fucking saying.

    Man I love the herb, and Im showing how much I appreciate it by rolling into a lovely doobie, and smoking it now.

    Cheers, Happy smpking
  2. I suppose ill smoke now, I do have a bowl packed
  3. Okay, just cause you said so I'll roll a slick jay.
  4. i dont have any... and it sucks.
  5. [quote name='"BlazeLE"']i dont have any... and it sucks.[/quote]

    I know! Same here!
  6. Smoking a joint in a red "glass" paper right now, got an ounce worth of qwiso drying in the kitchen, will be nice in the morning. Toke up blades, live your life to the fullest making the best of every situation. I wish nothing but peace and acceptance to all, and kindly ask for the same.
  7. I was going to flush it but you convinced me to smoke it
  8. Look, buddy! I don't know who the fuck you are, but you know what?

    Let's fuckin' smoke.:cool:
  9. But if I smoke it then it'll be gone.
  10. Im out :( I just moved and have no connect
  11. [quote name='"420tokerdude"']Im out :( I just moved and have no connect[/quote]

    Same here, it sucks pretty bad.
  12. I don't smoke weed, neither should you guys, don't you know 1 joint is the equivalent to 69 cigarettes?
  13. Too late, but I'm blazing:blaze:
  14. Tokin! Great thread. I wish I could smoke you down fellows that don't have gonga.
  15. Hell yes! If I could I would smoke every one out, anyone ever see any urban grower on youtube? Now if I had a supply of herb like he does mannn ohh man... one day my fellow blades.. one day.
  16. About to roll 1 up, this 1 is for all da h town tokers
  17. Wish I had some.
  18. Smoked up, yea! Had 4 beers and 4 tokes and I am totally blitzed. I'm growing my own future supply as we speak. It only takes 3-4 months to grow something if you invest enough to indoor growin'. I feel bad for those whom are unable to join us. This hit is for you, folks.

  19. Dry area?
  20. waiting to pick up. but soon...

    every once in a while i think of where i would be or who i would be if i never started smoking herb.

    toker for life!

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