If you got some random girl pregnant, would you stick around in the childs life?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by TheLastRebel, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. Personally i would not.
    I have had this situation come up more than once, luckily for me i have no children and have got away scott free.
    But in the situation where a one night stand, fuckbuddy or just general slut got pregnant, i personally would not want the women to keep the kid, because i would not care about the girl, so why bring an unwanted kid into the world?
    If she wanted to keep it, as bad as it sounds blades, i would probally have the opinion that it was strictly her choice to have that child and i would have no part in its life, i probally would do my best to get out of paying support as well because i live by the philiosphy that "if a women can make a life changing choice such as abortion or adoptian that needs no say of the other party, men should be able to opt out of child support as well for unwanted children" i know this may not be legal but hey, its only fair.
    Also i wouldent want to be one of those guy's with all his future dreams and potential's killed by some bitch and her baby, forever chasing the glimpse of a forever fading fluorescent horizon.
    What would be you're opinion and actions in a situation like this

  2. Yes, I would def be around.
  3. "if a women can make a life changing choice such as abortion or adoptian that needs no say of the other party, men should be able to opt out of child support as well for unwanted children"
    You can opt out of having sex. Or make sure you wear a condom.
    I hope you wear two.
  4. jesus its only a kid...people act like they're going to be quadriplegic and cant do shit ever again if they have a kid..now 3 kids is another story lol..and you can sign over your rights anytime and never see the kid or pay child support...personally i would try and get custody of the kid or at least 50/50 like i do now with my kid so i dont have to pay child support :smoking:
  5. Fuck buddies? Maybe.. You have to have know the person to be fuck buddies and I can't do that to a friendOne night stand on the other hand.. Kicking that bitch in the stomach when I see her next time.
  6. Dont you see the double standard?

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  7. Excuse me... but are you Jesus?
    Well it doesn't change the fact that the kid is here, you made it and you're responsible for it. Every child need a father in his or her life, growing up without one parent can leave a child scarred. I know all about it.
    I wouldn't have an abortion if I got pregnant either. But I make sure I don't. Plus I don't fuck around with strangers.
    Plus, like somebody said, having a child doesn't destroy your life.
  9. threads like these give me no hope in men
  10. I don't have to worry about that ^_^ but yes i would. I hate my father who bailed so why would i subject my child to that also?
  11. Do the crime do the time
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    Hypocrits like you give me no hope in women

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  13. like he said ^^ your first chance to opt out was by not having sex or putting on a condom and u chose to go through with it. then you got the girl pregnant and she doesn't believe in abortion, now you have to man up and face your mistake. whether you chose to be in your childs life or just send it monthly checks you owe it something at least. you sound immature as fuck so your probably a little younger, i hope for the sake of your future baby momma you grow out of this thinking, because its sad really.

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  14. Random girl, I'd like you to meet random staircase.......
    lol, excuse me? Sorry, "bro", but you're the one who fucked her so now you get to deal with it. "Future hopes and dreams" my ass; just who the fuck are you any way? What about that child's hopes and dreams? You're just gonna flake out and leave a child fucked up for life because of your own selfish delusions. Grow up. This is why stupid people shouldn't have sex.
  16. i love how its always the mans fault or the mans responisbility for what happens to a WOMEN'S body, you have just as much say and control, if a child is unwanted, don't expect the men that don't want them to stick around, it is a simple as that, you could just as easily be on birth control or get an IUD implantation, no more worries
    its okay honey it's just one random kid from one random girl. it's fine to leave all your mistakes to mommy sweetheart
  18. [quote name="suplove" post="19376461" timestamp="1390262088"]threads like these give me no hope in men[/quote]I think you think we all think alike (men and women) We don't.Men tend to think of future goals.So having a unwanted child could fuck up those goals.Women tend to think of the now.So if your pregnant then that's it. You are stuck with a child.That's just my 2 pennies anywaysI could be wrong tho. Maybe I'm just a jerk.. Which is possible too.
  19. thats probally why you shouldent procreate then, people hate these kind of opinions because they go against the double standards that women posses, im just not afraid to call them out and have the unpopular opinion, why ruin an alrealdy living life for a problem that can be dealt with simply, easily and discreatly?
  20. Op isn't a real man.
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