If you got drafted...

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  1. What would you do?

    There is a poll coming, but for now, feel free to share your thoughts.
  2. If i lived in the states?

    Run to nelson, what else?
  3. Be pissed off because it would be another bullshit war.
  4. I voted "Try to leave the country".

    It's easy to hop over to Canada.
  5. Depends on how I feel about the conflict that i am being drafted to help
  6. I'd get out of it because I'm a college student, but if I had to fight, I'd fight.
  7. I'd fight for the country that I still love, even if it is in the crapper right now.
  8. So sometimes it's okay to kill, right?

    That didn't get my grandpa out of it... but after the war, it did get him into UC Berkeley (GI Bill).
  9. I'd fulfill my obligation to my country, however bull it may seem, and hopefully come back alive and in one piece. I'm pretty patriotic, though.
  10. I don't support this country's military, government or mentality, so I'd try to leave. I allready want to leave. If I couldn't leave, I'd stay here and tell the military to go fuck themselves.
  11. I voted leave the country because I know any war soon would be bullshit. But if WWIII happened I WOULD go in a heartbeat. I would love to die or be through it to tell about it. Would be a crazy ass war!
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    They can't force you to be drafted. sure, they did that in ww1
    but you know, what they did was broke the constitution!
    If they do that again, I'll refuse it. They can't put me in jail for something that I refuse.

    PROTEST! I want liberty back, bitches!

    and this war you're speaking of? If it was a useless war(s) for past 100 years, then no
    but if it a war for saving mankind or saving the country from death then yes
  13. Wouldnt think I have the authority to be so absolute on that. . .

    not such a black and white issue
  14. If my vote wasn't for the commander-in-cheif at that time, then like hell I'm going to obey the draft for him.
  15. But then how could you ever work for a military whose task is to treat certain humans in uniform as your enemy, rather than human beings?
  16. For those people who wants to leave country, For god sakes.
    If there something that you don't like then get what you want! Get millions of people on damn streets and get our constitution back! kick the gov ass and We, the people are gov
    that would be our lesson,
    DON"T EVER HAND THE POWER TO THE GOV! that will create chaos!
  17. Well, they can't FORCE you to be drafted anymore than they can FORCE you to pay taxes, but if you're ever drafted and refuse to go I'm pretty sure they can jail you if they find you.
  18. They can't force you to pay income taxes. There's no law saying you have to pay income taxes!

    If you refuse to except the military draft, and then Govs/police put you in jail, thats illegal
    based on constitution.
  19. it depends entirely on the reason for the war
  20. There's only an amendment to the US Constitution, not a law.

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