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If you got caught..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedinseed, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. With a grinder full of kief, could you be charged with possession of hash?
  2. No but you can get charged with possession of THC.

    Literally for THC possession.

    Legal status\t
    Controlled (S8) (AU)
    Schedule II (CA) (CA)
    Schedule I and III (US)
  3. Haha thats crazy

  4. You're crazy.
  5. you would get possesion of drug paraphernalia and marijuana charge
  6. Nah im pretty sure youd get a felony, at least in maine it is
  7. I think where i live you have to have atleast 3gs of hash for a felony
  8. police in texas have an instant field drug test. they woud scrape somethin off it whether its the kief or caked on weed on the grinder blades... if it was a clean grinder you would be good, its not parephenalia if its "for tobbaco use only."
  9. Depends on where you live. Most likely no, but I also wouldn't trust most cops to be able to differentiate between kief and hash.
  10. #10 Bluedynamite, Mar 16, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 16, 2013
    it doesnt matter if its kief, hash, or marijuana. You would still get charged with marijuana possesion charge, you dont get charged with hash possession, at least i've never heard of that
  11. Youll get a paraphanilia charge for sure
  12. I got caught with a grinder full of kief once, the cop didn't know what it was and picked it up to look at it, then he dropped it all on the carpet on accident. I died a little inside that day.
  13. haha dumbass pigs, i would been so pissed, least you didnt get charged w anything
  14. You gotta be 18 to be on this site homie. See you in a year :wave:

  15. oh I did, the kief was the only thing I brought but the people I was with had weed and gave it to the cops and said it was everyones. I would have spoke up and said it wasn't mine but at the time of the admission of guilt the kief hadn't yet been spilled and I thought he knew what it was so I saw no point in saying the weed wasn't mine only to be forced to say the kief was. in the end 5 people got charged with UPM under a gram. ACD's and 50 hrs of community servie from each of us. now tell me that isn't some bullshit.

  16. what? you said they let you go even though even though you had a bong in plain sight. My first thought: " makes sense they have bigger fish to fry." but your next sentence contradicts the rest of the post. :confused:

  17. fuck this country, its really fucked up that we can get in all of that trouble for having a plant
  18. Its okay man, at least we can drink and smoke butts those are both better life choices/healthier
  19. I'm not sure where you are specifically but in the greater part of the US hash possession is a separate, often more serious offense. Here in california marijuana is decriminalized (just a fine) but possession of hash is still a misdemeanor crime in small amounts
  20. Yeah if the cop was smart enough to realize the bottom of the grinder screws off lol

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