If you get seeds snagged at customs once...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by vincent47, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. do they record the address they were sent to so if they ever get a package again they will likely search it lessening the odds of getting seeds ever again?
  2. get a seizure letter just throw it away....but i highly doubt any seeds are gonna get seized
  3. Who knows, they could track it. You rarely hear of any follow up and that's probably for two reasons. 1) they don't care that much. 2) There's never any proof that someone didn't order them to your address in an attempt to cause you harm. I think they just let it go for the most part if it's just a few packs. But certainly it's not fun to receive one of those letters.
  4. Do you really think they are that organized?;)
  5. If law enforcement was as good at what they do as paranoid potheads think they are, we would surely all be in prison.
  6. Amen, I say Amen brother.
  7. u just get a letter, no biggie just toss it, but dont order seeds to that adress again (i dont think they keep track of the seizure) because anyone could have ordered the seeds to your house.
  8. They probably figure that so many people get them sent to other addresses that it doesn't even matter.

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