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If you get caught smoking at a concert..?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by preewee, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Would they actually take your pipe/bong away? This is a hypothetical situation that I was curious about. I usually use joints at most concerts so I've never really had to worry about this... Despite the pipe/bong being used for illegal purposes can you still say that its your rightful property?
  2. They usually just kick you out.
  3. No one ever gives a fuck where I go...
  4. well they give a quick search for guns through metal detectors so if u were to crotch a small spoon and some weed ud be good anyway. but no i dont think they wud give it back unless the event staff who caught you was ok with it
  5. At most concerts I doubt they would do much of anything. Back in April me and my friend went to the Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller concert at Virginia Tech. We smoked before we walked in, being that it was going to be an indoor concert. Plenty of people were smoking inside though and a few of them were getting pulled out. I have no clue what happened to them.
  6. Either security will tell you to put it out or worst case scenario they kick you out of the venue for the nigjt.

    Seen both happen within a couple feet of me..but it's getting more and more accepted.

    Just go to the middle of the crowd so it's not obvious.
  7. I was at Wiz Khalifa and no one got taken out. The entire place was danky. I couldn't find a pipe/bong/decent paper so it really sucked.
  8. I go to metal concerts and we smoke all the time. Shit sometimes the security guards even smoke with us.
  9. If its a marijuana-related concert then I doubt they'd care... but say if you go to a RATM concert then they'd boot you.
  10. i dont know rage is all about the rebellion. the crowd wud be so pissed if they cudnt smoke so yah
  11. Just stand up front where the crowd is so dense that they can't see you. I do it all the time.
  12. i wouldnt smoke at the shows i go to, you need to be 100% in control..
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56Wk6--vxi0&feature=related]YouTube - ‪Title Fight FULL SET (Chain Reaction 06.10.2011)‬‏[/ame]
  13. I'm sure it depends on what concert you go to. An Elton John concert would kick you out, but I don't think a Wiz Khalifa concert would do much.
  14. I would stick to joints b/c I would be less paranoid of appearing that I was openly blazing in public...but that's just me.

    I'm guessing if you get caught they would just kick you out, worst case security takes your shit and smokes it as soon as you leave.
  15. They take you to federal "pound you in the ass" prison.
  16. I've been to so many concerts where people are smoking. I've never seen anyone get kicked out.
  17. I went to a chris webby concert, he said everyone smoke for this song and secuerity took alot of peoples js away and that was it
  18. chris webby is dank
  19. Being a sia licenced door supervisor in the uk, yes drugs and everything to do with drugs would be taken off you and you will probably end up getting evicted from the concert/venue, being a smoker myself all the concerts and festivals I work at I turn a blind eye, keep it out of sight and don't take the piss smoking near children or anything and I realy couldn't give a shite what you do haha

    Keepontoking. ;)
  20. I have 3 instances to share:

    I know someone who was issued a ticket at a tom petty concert for smoking in the venue.

    I know someone who was issued a ticket for smoking in the parking lot on their way to go to a country concert.

    I've personally been confronted by security inside a venue after I had finished smoking. They asked me to leave my seat and come with them. Instead i offered to give up the last blunt I had pre rolled. They took it and left me alone.

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