If you get a tattoo when young/short and you grow, will it stretch out?

Discussion in 'Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art' started by smoke n steal, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. ok now i really want a tattoo but the problem is im short and when if i get taller will it stretch out? i want it on my ankle, jus a small eagle.

    an from a scale from 1-10 howbaddoes it hurt? keep in mind its going to be a small one.
  2. You don't grow that much after you turn 18......................
  3. it depends where you get it.and make sure that when your 80 years old it still looks cool or your gunna be old and look lame.
  4. i don't know about the stretching .I have a tat on my arm and leg , the one on my arm actually felt good . the one on my leg felt like some1 drawing on me with a razer
  5. well i have a couple and like comeorignal740 said u want to make sure it still looks good when u get older. the ankel is a great place since it will not strech out at all or if it does it wont be much. it does hurt a little im not going to lie but after a few mins it doesnt really hurt, burns a little but not too bad, the sensitive places are close to a bone area or under the bicep. the pain level is about a 6-7.

  6. qfft.

  7. lol yeah man you dont grow too much after 18

    whats the deal my friend?

    and no i used to think that but my teacher was talking to a student about that the other day and explained to him it wont

  8. hahahhaa
  9. only growth in males after 18 is well... lol :) and ur not getting it tatted there :D
  10. perhaps im underage?;)

    and what would it matter anyways all of you are posting on forums about an illegal substance(no matter how great it is), soo..................
  11. So, you didn't read the rules OR the consent that you're over 18 when you registered?

    wow. fail

    The banhammer is coming for you.
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    Good bye.... Nice seeing you...

    EDIT: you need your guardians permission to get a tattoo if your under 18. Keep that in mind.
  13. lol way to be dicks, i guess its just another way to keep us down, i mean weed is illegal and how much of a problem do you have with that?
  14. On average, a female's femur bone doesn't stop growing until they're about 25 years old.

    The more you know. ;)

  15. LOL he never said he wasnt 18, maybe he will take growth horomones cuz hes short.or maybe wants to become a body builder and stretch out those biceps!!
  16. For obvious reasons, we don't need this thread to continue.

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