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Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Please- Just keep the cash and mail the rest back to me.

    I just lost mine... SSN Card, debit card, license, school id + a pack of zig zags.

    This sucks.
  2. damn, best cancel all your shit, hope it pops up!:)
  3. Sorry to hear dog. GL w/ everything. Thats a mean highkill pha sho
  4. What if i leave the money and take the zig-zags? =P
  5. I'll tell you a story real fast, about when I lost my wallet.

    Over the summer (last summer), like september, I am OMW To pick up a P from a friend of mine.

    So I got a lot of money on me, like 2700 bucks, somewhere around there give or take. (I pay 2500-2800 and can't remember)

    I go to the gas pump, cause I need some, and I put in my debit card, put my debit card back in my wallet, and put my wallet ON TOP of the gas pump (Huge FUCKING mistake)

    I pump my gas, get back in my whip, and leave without my wallet.

    Well I get to my boys house, and im like word, heres the cash, and feel for my wallet :confused::confused: Where is my wallet?!?!

    I go look in my car, nope, no wallet.

    Now I live in Harlem, and I lost it in a not so great area, so I thought my money was already in the hands of a crack dealer and whoever found it was already smoking up some rocks.

    The money was only half of it, license, debit card, credit cards, social security, all was gone.

    So I start flooring it back to the gas station, IDK, hoping, when my cell phone rings. A number I never seen before....... Weird... Hello?

    The guy on the other hand says " Is this John Smith" -- Uhh yeah this is john, bro, tell me you didn't just find a wallet..

    "Yes sir I found your wallet".... OMG!?!?! are you kidding me?? I can't believe you found it!??!?! Your giving it back? "yes can you meet me at the gas station in 10 minutes" You fuckin bet I CAN!!

    So anyway, I go there and he gives me my wallet back.. I tried to give him 100 bucks for doing that for me, but he would not take it.

    The confusing part -- He called me on my cellphone, my number was not in my wallet.... I thought he looked up my address and got like my parent's phone number, called them and got my cell, but I called them and they had no idea what I was talking about.

    I still don't know how he got my cell phone number to call me.

    That was the craziest thing that ever happened to me I think, the 3 people in the car with me were so fuckin shocked when I got my wallet back lol, that was the luckiest I ever been in my life i think.
  6. Great story.

    The way I see it, yeah it sucks right now, but its all going to even out in the end. Bad shit happens all the time, but theres just enough good to keep things balanced. Of course, I try to smother my life and others in goodness anyays ;)
  7. Sucks mang....that's why I don't keep my SS card in my wallet
  8. Last time I lost my wallet, I drove all the way back to college, searched my classroom with different people in it, talked to the prof. to see if he picked it up, retraced my steps around campus, went home and found it in the pocket of the shorts i had changed out of earlier.

    I wish you luck, and retrace your steps.
  9. Damn, that sucks bro. Hope you find your shit, and hope some douche bag doesn't find it and use your info........ if i found it id for sure ask for the zig zags, if anything :p

    Good luck man.
  10. you NEVER carry your SSN card with you anywhere, for just this reason, cancel everything and dude, I'd change your SSN as well, because right about now anyone could be filling out new credit cards, etc and fucking with your credit, amongst other things. Sorry dude that you lost your shit that must really suck :(
  11. I lost my wallet today too, no joke, and it had 150$, my credit card, my license, insurance card, SS card, and a bunch of other shit. I freaked the fuck out when I realized it was missing, retraced all my steps and someone apparently found it in my pyschology class and turned it in to the University lost and found. I'm so fucking lucky, I guarentee 90% of the people at this university would've kept it.
  12. I lost mine once and thought a friend took it. Then I found it behind my dresser one day. I was stoned and hid it there for some reason.
  13. This is the reason that I do not ever carry a wallet, I hear these stories all the time. Money clip FTW!
  14. Amen man
  15. Money clips are for pothead stoners who are too lazy to put money in their wallets.

    Wait a minute...
  16. Only reason I had my SSN card on me was because a future employer needed it that day.

    Normally I'd only have my license, debit card, and SCUBA certification card (as a 2nd ID)
  17. Im sorry to hear that bro. Right now I'm going to take my SS card out of my wallet RIGHT now..
  18. Same, i'm not going to even carry around my wallet after what happened today. I had so much valuable shit in there, including my SS card, i'm still amazed that someone actually turned it in to the lost and found. I wish I knew who turned it in, i'd give them a 20 or something.
  19. my wallet must have fallen out of my pocket or something when I was getting out of my car in front of my apartment. I looked and looked and searched and searched everyfuckingwhere and I never found it. I called every lost and found office on campus and no luck. I get a call maybe 4 hours later and someone turned it in. they took all of $15 I had in there, but at least I got it back.

    this after I canceled everything too. shitty shitty shit on shitstick day.

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