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If you ever failed a pre-employment urine drug test, please read & advise

Discussion in 'General' started by potterh, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. How long did it take for the MRO to contact you to tell you that you failed? (business days). Thanks!

  2. Week week and a half tops. But that was for probation...I'm going to jail
  3. Basically, if the test was on say a Wednesday, when should I feel confident enough that if I have not heard from an MRO, that I passed?
  4. I got a call like a week or two later... Pretty sure they wont leave you hanging
  5. Two weeks? They already gave me a contingent start date 1 1/2 weeks after the test. So you are saying it is possible to start working there and then in the middle of my first week get called in to HR saying there is a problem?
  6. No other answers?
  7. Really surprised no one here can answer this....
  8. They won't let you start working until they have the test results.
    Expect it to be a week or so after the test.
  9. That depends, how many people got hired, where they send the samples? They take everyone who gets hired, send off their test at the same time so if they are waiting on other applicants then it could be a few days, then they send it to the lab where ALL the sets are done before sending ALL back, so a good couple of days then they send them back, then they give all you guys a call. This process took 2 weeks for my job. So it depends on those factors I mentioned.
  10. Yes that is possible, atleast I've seen it happen to a guy that was working there 3 days then they told him he failed the test so he left right away
  11. Usually though takes 3-5 days to get the results
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    But was this guys start date contingent upon him passing the test, or did they have him test once he already started the job. And how long prior to getting the results did he take the test?

    Also, I am assuming longer than 1 1/2 weeks is rare?
  13. I'm sure it varies case by case. Some employers need employees immediately and just have them work and fill out paperwork later. It's happens to me a few times. For my current job, they hire in groups so I had to wait 2 weeks because another persons background check was taking so long, along with having to wait for everyone to do interviews and drug tests over about a week long span where I did 3 interviews and a drug test in one day. So like I said, I'm sure it's a case by case thing.
  14. This was not a group hire, just me. If I failed the test, I assume they would move on to the next candidate. Why bother training someone if you don't have to.
  15. Hi guys,
    I took my drug test last Tuesday and now its Wednesday of the next week. I used synthetic so I'm not worried whether there was anything in my system, just whether it passed or failed. I already know I got the temperature right. Do you think if I failed I would've found out by now?

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