If you ever bought a magic glass bong please come here!!

Discussion in 'General' started by seajai, May 28, 2009.

  1. Hey this is my first post here on grasscity forums but im always here, its the shit:p well on may 5th i ordered a magic glass bong here. the magic glass giants series the ice bowl. and im just wondering what do you guys think about magics bongs n items. or if u ordered one how do u like it.
  2. lol ha.. guessin ure stoned right now.. but nah the BRAND . hopin for some feedback from someone who actually has one. i know it has to be SOMEBODY with onee!
  3. I don't personally own one. but I have used one before. They hit like a champion.
    Myself. I like making bong's. Something about hitting something you crafted makes me feel good :)
    Congratulations on the buy man. happy toking.
  4. never heard of them, but cool anyways. new glass is always good :smoking:
  5. Hell yeahh. finalli someone who smoked outta one lol..sounds good.. and niceee bro i always wanted to get into glass blowing myself how long would it take to get good at it from scratch?
  6. Magic glass isnt really that great, reminds me on Molino glass... looks nice, then u get it and its thin.

    Cheap binger... but you get what u pay for

  7. Don't let this get you down homie. Welcome to the city, and we thank you for your purchase. The way I see it is almost any glass is good glass. The only people to worry about the thinness are the "oh i'm too stoned to carry this" people. :D

    Which I have my own personal RooR. So just saying...if you drop any glass its gonna break anyway :smoking:
  8. lol thanks bro. and its not gonna get me down haha:p i seen videos on youtube of the same bong im buying and he was like beatin it on the table showing the durability of it i cant wait to get it. thanks for the welcome bro. peace n pot. and niceee roors are the shit
  9. How long did it take for yur magic glass to arrive?? i live in the usa, texas

  10. I've smoked off one of these at a hash bar recently, they do they job. :hello::hello: [​IMG]
  11. I have a magic glass bong, 50cm with some ice notches. This is my first bong, and so far so good, but i have never hit a better bong because i have never had a better bong.
    the only other bong i have hit was a acrylic.

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