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if you don't know what a Glass Screen is, read this

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by fadeddd, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I believe I've been noticing (if its not in my head) that the more resin caught in my shit, the less high I get when I smoke, and the resin accumulates more, in some kind of snowball effect. Maybe this is common knowledge. I assume it's stealing more and more property from my hits. I'm a pretty big fan of screens as well, because I don't like getting ash in my mouth or in my bong water. I've pretty much always used screens.

    I began using my pipe recently because I've been smoking more out and about, and noticing that I'm getting way more faded than I'm used to (since there's no water filtering), but needing to replace screens constantly, because they become totally filled with tar and I feel as if I'm losing something in my hits.. My friend told me about these "glass screens" just because they're reusable and stuff, so I got them for that reason, along with some normal screens because I was skeptical.

    They're basically jacks, like those toys kids used to play with. I didn't even think it'd work as a screen to filter the weed. One of the little pokes sticks up awkwardly in your bowl. I put it in my new glass pipe and packed a bowl, smoked, got relatively clean tasting hits, no ash or plant product in my mouth at all, and as I write this I am ultra stoned. Way more stoned than I normally am off of two bowls of the same shit I've been smoking all week.

    They're like a dollar each, go buy one of these things.
  2. i have one and love it. when i picked it up at the headshop me and like two other guys (they where just randomly there) where all like "wtf? really" but they work wonders.
  3. A guy just gave me one for free the other day. He bought it and said he had no use for it..

    To me, seems pretty useless for pipes and stuff, but maybe a personal bong that won't get moved much or leave the house.

    I myself will stick to regular metal screens, or smoke without one.
  4. try it at least once bro
  5. i can get 5 for a dollar at my headshop
    they have the jack style, a flower style and a star style
  6. I find they get dirty quickly anyone have any tips or am I gonna keep having to clean em out with some salt and alcohol every once in a while?
  7. The star style seems to stay in the pipe better:smoking:
  8. I just started using these. I use one in my chillum, so the ash doesn't shoot back into my throat, and I use it for the bubbler attachment on my Helix, so my shit doesn't all get sucked into the water. Great alternative to metal screens, which make baby animals die.

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