If you die do you still exist?

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  1. Ive been think about this for a while now and im oging to try explain this and get another point of view on this.

    When you die you lose all brain function, which means all bodily functions. So now that my personality and such are all lost for good it doesn't exist.

    Oh wait i just figured it out.... :laughing:
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  3. So you are asking if we have a soul
  4. No not really. It was just something sitting in the back of mind and i didnt have an answer for it. Now seeing as i am a human being and have a brain i wanted an answer. Its just the way humans work. They have a strange need to know as much things as they can.

    I branched out and wrote the words in my brain onto my computer and then i saw the answer. It was right in front of me the whole time. I just shouldn't have hit Post Thread.

    But i will take that up Mushroomsatsuji. Enlighten me.
  5. I think once the consciousness of the mind is gone when the brain dies (lack of oxygen) than you wouldn't even be aware if you existed or not.
  6. No, "you" (your personality, knowledge, etc.) do not still exist. "You" are nothing more than billions upon billions of complex electrochemical reactions in a never-ending cycle. As you die, the electrical and chemical composition of your brain changes, and this information is corrupted and lost. Eventually brain activity ceases completely and it is volatile, meaning that the information is lost shortly after death.

    Unless you are reborn as a platypus. Then you still exist.
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    You didn't answer the question, though. lol

    I'm not really sure. Definitely in a physical sense as far as your body, but even if you believe in a spiritual world, is that still really 'existing' if you aren't in this same world... If that makes a bit if sense.
  8. yes. we will return to carbon.
  9. noone can answer this for you they can only give you their opinions.
  10. No cus your dead.
  11. Once I die, everything else will cease to exist at the same moment. That does not exactly mean my consciousness or 'soul' is lost however.
  12. We're made of star dust. we'll always exist
  13. yes, your soul is pure energy and energy can neither be created nor destroyed....you will continue to exist but on what level of reality, i cannot say.
  14. When your brain shuts off your body becomes a rotting piece of meat that gets burned or buried, either way you won't care cause your dead. Think of death like the time before you were born. Pretty stress free right?
  15. I feel like the body is just a machine, a tool if you will, and that we have... umm, I guess you could say soul.

    I believe that when we die, we just enter another reality, and that reality is death. It's all we can percieve though, since we don't know what's before "life" and what's after "death". Once we enter death, we'll forget about "life", and learn of a whole other reality that comes after "death". It's all just a never ending cycle, maybe there's an end, who knows, there might even be a higher meaning somewhere in there!
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    Nope, I've had a few out of body experiences. You can too, it all starts with meditation.

    It also takes a revolution of mind and pure love, I don't think you have those yet, but like I said meditation is a good start.
  17. Do you have a special wand that guages the human soul? Prove to me that souls even exist before you make that statement.
  18. Who knows? Only the dead and they aren't telling...

  19. Just let him think that he's special.

    Revolution of mind and pure love? This is coming from the guy that has numerous Illuminati/End of the world threads....Yup, you are sooo positive

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