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  1. If you could work and collaborate with any five artists alive today who would you pick? 
    I would pick, in no specific order. 

    Asher Roth
    Miley Cyrus 
    Gabrielle Aplin
    Flogging Molly
    Cage The Elephant

    Y'all gonna hate but I give no fucks. 
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    michael jackson if he was alive
    alicia keys
    michael franks
     i need more than 5
  3. skrillex
    kottonmouth kings
    angeloid beats
    could make some sick dubstep with those mofos
  4. 65daysofstatic
    Tame Impala
    Stoned Jesus
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    Daft Punk
    Approaching Nirvana
    Abel Korzeniowski
    John Williams
    James Horner
    (not in any particular order)
  6. Les Claypool
    Jack White
    Gillian Welch
    Damon Albarn
    Bernie Worrell
  7. Flying Lotus
    DJ AniMe
    MF Doom
    Kanye West
    I tried picking different genres.
  8. Loves these answers, keep'em coming gc 
  9. 1. Josh Homme
    2. Lizzy Hale
    3. Dave Gilmour
    4. Method Man
    5. Lemmy 
  10. next 5 
    bill withers
    atlantic star
    the dells

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