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  1. If you could turn back time,and fix ONE thing in your past life,what would it be? For me,it would be taking up a business offer from an old friend...i bet that jacka** is makin bank lol
  2. I started using the internet back in the early 90's and was basically on the forefront of everything we have now. If I knew then what I know now about how I could have used my skills back in the day to profit, I would be fucking rich right now.
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    I would go back to 9th grade and do high school all over again so I could go to a good college instead of a shit one.
  4. roll back to the early 80s and invest in microsoft and all the other big companies that my friend did...... fml
  5. I would have never got out of the Air Force and moved to another state for a high school sweetheart. Ended with my heart hurting, spirit broken, and bank account EMPTY!
    What do they say? Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted....
    I might have to disagree with the "never" part...
    All good...Made me stronger. I came out a much better person. :smoke:
  6. 60s-70s era no doubt.

  7. No doubt. I would go to the 60's but this was a in your life question.
  8. My dad had a chance to invest in disneyland but didn't, a 25 cent share then would be somewhere around $50K now.
  9. I would change getting arrested.
  10. Probably start working out seriously earlier in life.
  11. I wouldn't get expelled...

    And I'd have been a WAY better student.. Maybe.
  12. Yea man i hear ya...
  13. I never woulda touced yayo, and me and my ex fiance would be married.. And my baby mama wouldnt have been in my life at all. I love the shit outta my son, but i wish my ex fiance was his mom instead
  14. I would redo high school. I didn't fuck up, but it went to fast and I'm not ready to go to college yet
  15. i would've let someone pass me in the race to fertilization. let someone else deal with this bullshit.
  16. True dat bro...

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