If You Could, Would You Choose To Eat Only When You Wanted To, Not When Youre Hungry?

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    I found this new diet-replacement powder called Soylent the other day. It has everything you need to thrive and is better than probably 95% of your blades' diets. It has all your macro nutrients, probiotics, protein, etc. that you need to be healthy.

    The creator has been on this stuff for over 3 months and he feels better than ever. There is also positive anecdotal evidence from testers and they will soon be doing clinical testing once their crowd funding campaign is over.

    http://soylent.me is the site.
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    OH SHIT!
    Not Solyent (©1973) green bro!
  3. Here's a piece by Discovery News
    And their follow up video:
  4. Here's the Official video.
  5. Your avatar OP.. what the hell man
  6. It has become quite the post bumper over the years.  It's not anything vulgar.
    If it isn't what I think it is, then what is it?
    And on topic with the thread, how the hell do you feel full after drinking this stuff? I can't imagine drinking a watery liquid, and feeling full.
    I think it's more like a milkshake type of deal.  But you get full from the oats and whey.  A daily amount that includes your nutrients has like 1500 calories, also has the proper fats you need and everything. 
    The creator has been consuming 90% of his diet as Soylent for 3 months.
    Ah I gotcha. I would try it out just to try it out, but I don't think I could replace most of my diet with a drink/milkshake. I enjoy food far too much, but if I could choose when to eat that would be pretty bad ass.
  10. I love food way too much to make it only a necessity in life. No more pizza, no more baking cakes, no more gluttonous and creative escape?

    No thank you. I would eat the soylent stuff too, maybe even incorporate it into things.
  11. If there was no long term effects, sign me up.

    I dislike eating and wish I didn't have to do it so often to gain weight. This would come in handy but, only 3 months? Need some longer testing in my eyes.
  12. You don't have to abandon eating.  You have the option to replace any amount of meals you want with it.  
  13. Sorry, I definitely won't be consuming anything called Soylent.  I just won't.
  14. It's named that ironically.
  15. I will be a tester of this product before it comes out so I will let you guys know what I think of it first hand when it gets delivered to me.
  16. Does soylent happent to contain soy? I aint making my one and only food source something thats gonna give me tits 
  17. I think it would be awesome but I would still eat. Nothing like a delicious steak or some bomb ass cookies.
    Hahahahaha, thats what I thought when I first saw it. It's really just three pigs (facing downwards) with their heads very close together.
  19. Your body can't function on 1500 calories. You need 2500 calories per day to not starve (giving or taking when other factors such as weight are taken into consideration). I'd like to hear more on how this tackles hunger because I don't understand how someone could drink a milkshake and feel full no matter what nutrients it contains unless it has some sort of appetite suppressant in it...
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    It's named soylent ironically.

    Here's the main ingredients:

    Maltodextrin (carbs)
    Oat Powder (carbs, fiber, protein, fat)
    Whey Isolate (protein)
    Grapeseed Oil (fat)
    Potassium Gluconate
    Salt (sodium)
    Magnesium Gluconate
    Monosodium Phosphate
    Calcium Carbonate
    Methylsulfonylmethane (Sulfur)
    Powdered Soy Lecithin
    Choline Bitartrate
    Ferrous Gluconate (Iron)

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