If you could splice any 2 animals..

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  1. (is splice even the right word lol)
    But yeah if you could combine any 2 animals what would it be? And what would you name your freak of nature?

    Id go a turtle-tang.
    I'm thinking an monkeyish fellow that dons a mighty hard shell that it can just chill in
  2. how about a chimp and a jack ass i call it him george w. bush
  3. w/e makes me a dragon
  4. An Octopus and a Elephant. I donno why I chose these two, but I bet it'd be cool as fuck.
  5. A Falcon and a Black Panther
  6. a human and a bird.
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    So true lol
  8. The alligator snapping turtle/ pitbull will make an excellent grow guardian.

    A hard shelled pitbull with jaws that can snap a broom handle
  9. I would just want a mini elephant .... like the size of a hamster.... idk just seems bad ass to have ...
    If thats not possible....
    shit idk...
    maybe one of those fainting goats mixed with a hyena . that way if it started getting all gnarly on u and biting u n shit u could just yell at it and it would pass the fuck out
  10. a man, a bear, and a pig, he will be called pigbearman...
  11. shark + sheep

    wooly jaws of TERROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :devious:
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    Just stumbled back upon this picture in my PB. Made this during high school art class some odd 3-4 years ago.

  13. Toucan and a snake.
    That would be G
  14. I'd splice my missus with the sex drive of a rabbit. And If I couldnt be bothered banging I would just tell her to fuck herself lol
  15. mini girrafe like in direct tv commercial and it may seem basic but a dog and a cat, i would love to observe its habits

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