If you could speak to our government...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by CanaBliZZ, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. If you could speak to the leaders of the United States Government what would you say, I was thinking about this before and I found myself yelling out loud, lmao. Although that wouldn't be the professional approach I just feel that all of this is uneccessary. I feel that I am wasting my life having to worry about the illegality and repurcussions of smoking, or possessing weed. It's not fair to us that rather then just enjoying our life, which everyone should be doing, have all of this bullshit to deal with. I am getting very upset because I have the theory that, I have only this one life to live and I don't want to sit around and waste it, I have evil thoughts thinking that Law Enforcement actually enjoy and eagerly partake in putting harmless innocent people behind bars ( or attempting to) and putting a bad image on a group who sometimes haven't even been in trouble with the law. Isn't it also weird, that the government possesses so much power in which they can ruin someones life without even knowing the suspect, that to me seems so unfair, and the whole prison system in my eyes is wrong, of course it does keep the trouble makers/murderers/rapists/etc out of public affiliation where people like that should be but isn't it kind of ridiculous that they are causing so much hype about a harmless plant. Come on now.:cry:
  2. I'd look GW Bush in the eye, light up a pinner, take a hit, and say "...Want a hit?" Legalize it biootch!

  3. "Please repeat after me: I... WILL... STOP... DOING... STUPID... SHIT... FOR NO REASON!!!"

    I forget who that quote's from, but it would be appropriate for pretty much anyone in government.
  4. I would say
    "Hey, Come On!!! You ain't gonna fight no wars here, you leaders just gotta sit down, smoke some bong, chill out, and the world would have less problems!!!"

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