If you could smoke with any ONE actor or actress..

Discussion in 'General' started by BAkEd_ZombIe, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. ..Who would it be?

    I'de have to say Dave chapelle could you imagine blazing with him? he'd probably be funny as hell.
  2. kat williams

    that would be funny as hell

    dave chappelle would be sickkk too

  3. Oh shit! i forgot all about katt williams and i was just watching him thismorning. I think he'd be more chill then dave.
  4. Smoke a joint with Eva Longoria, then proceed to make her smoke my lovestick. :smoking:
  5. niiiiiice

    but i think the most chillin actors to blaze with would be tommy chong or peter dante from grandmas boy.
  7. Well it can't just be one person so I'd say the boys from Entourage and Jessica Alba [pretty much all I need]
  8. i woulsd definetly choose that gecko from the geico commericals i love that guy. maybe this is a toatal stoner moment but hes so funny and looks cool tooo... :smoke:
  9. I'd love to smoke with method man..

    "Blaaaze!" :smoking:
  10. yah red man would be cool to. "where's your crew? I'll fuck all em up."
  11. Actor- Jake Gyllenhaal, or Dave Chapelle.
    Actress - (sorry whitewarrior) Jessica Alba, or Daisy Fuentes.
  12. "Who are they goddammit?!"
  13. Jenna Haze, and don't tell me she doesn't act. ;)
  14. No. of films: 338 (including compilations)


  15. lmao +rep gotta love How high well got to love red and meth they got some good smoking songs:smoke:

    EDIT: nvm forgot i already gave you rep and now its not letting me..oh well soon!
  16. how high that movie never gets old

    its a classic

    they need to come out with more stoner movies I think the last one we got was white castle and to tell you the truth it wasnt very good
  17. yah amen to that,everytime i see a stoner movie thread harold and kumar are never mentioned. I'll make a stoner movie,i have no clue what it'd be about though.
  18. lol my spelling was all fucked up in that post

    edited lol
  19. Salma Hayek and Chris Tucker!
  20. probly brittany murphy for me, there just something about her i like

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