If you could smoke with any musician..

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  1. ..who would it be?

    One of my brothers just told me a story about how in the radio company he works at willie nelson came as a special guest. Well Willie asked my brothers friend(i don't know the guys name) if he wanted to toke with him because he didnt want to smoke alone. My brothers friend said sure and they started smoking. The guy goes missing from the job for 2 days comes back and says sorry i smoked with Willie and i forgot where i was for 2 days. Damn thats some good weed.

    But if i could smoke with any musician it'd most likely be snoop dogg cause he has to have some stuff that would knock you on your ass did you see him passing the blunt around on the roast of flavor flav?

    so what musician would you smoke with?
  2. Dude I dont know if Kanye West smokes, but I wouldnt mind smoking with him.

    Bob Marley of course

    Snoop would be cool to smoke with
  3. jim morrison & jimmi hendrix (is that spelled right?) :p

    edit: how could i forget janis joplin?! lol
  4. Jimi hendrix is a good one actually.

    and i wonder if kanye west smokes.
  5. Ok, so i guess we're doin dead musicians too haha

    Well then id have to say Brad Nowell
  6. haha yup any musician EVER

  7. damn, cant believe i forgot him. i knew i was forgetting someone.
  8. Kurt Cobain
    Les Claypool
  9. I always wanted to smoke with Busta Rymes,he would be lunching so hard,and eventually have me lunching.

    David Banner is another one along with Erica Badhu,and Andre 3000.In my opinion those are the wierdest people in HIP HOP.

    I guess I'll add Kanye in there,he was always worthy of my rescpect,and don't forget about 50,I wanna chat with him abgout his multi billion dollar water deal....
  10. Miles Davis and John Coltrane

    and since no one else is ever going to say it... Mozart. :D
  11. all the guys from slightly stoopid...and its not far fetched either, i know people that have smoked with them. You just gotta get backstage.
  12. [​IMG]

    smoke mad L's with biggie.
  13. I'm not much of a Coltrane guy. He's great, amazing, but hard to listen to for long. I'll pick Dexter Gordon.
  14. Wesley Willis.

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  15. Definitely Steve Vai.

    I know he doesn't really have a "stoner" image. Although, he does wear those trippy ass jackets in concerts. Get stoned and have a fuckin' jam session. yeah that would be a dream for me.
  16. Dizzy Gillespie
    John Coltrain
    Miles Davis
    Winston Marcellis
    Billy Holiday (sp?)
    Otis Redding
    Sam Cook
    Luther Vandross
    Any of KMK
    John Legend
    Steven Tyler
    Axle Rose
    and I have smoked with Josey Scott of Saliva
  17. jimi hendrix, srv, bach, alvin lee, all the rush guys, layne staley an jerry cantrell, all of cake,
  18. hendrix, marley, or KMK, also amy lee

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