If you could smoke with ANY 5 blades...

Discussion in 'General' started by Hali Hostility, Mar 25, 2012.

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    Even if they're banned, it doesn't even matter..

    MINE would be:
    1. GrannyStormCrow. FER sure...
    2.Mushroomsatsuji...WHERE did you goooo!?:cry:
    4I Roll Fatties...hes a compulsive "liker" like me:p
    5. probably NorCalPiff....funny as shitballs. and i miss him to...wtf man?
  2. capslockbandit
    the next 3 people to read this
  3. Oscar
    Skunky monkey
    Cdub 2 trill
    And either hiphopfiend or deacon cause they gots da dank
  4. probably

    nick dillinger
    acoustic toker (got good music taste)
    skunky monkey (fellow uk toker)
    I RoLL Fatties

    but my no. 1 would have to be GoldenGinge everyone raves about him.

    I dunno man, I don't really know anyone on the city.
  5. 2foot bong
    capslockbandit (guy cracks me up)
    dankbarbie (cause shes hot as hell)
    jamesthefreak (i wanna know what this guy is like in real life)
    and idk. someone else
  6. A lot... i can't choose between just five :p

    I roLL fatties would be cool because I feel like no matter what I said, he'd agree with it and laugh or something. He would definitely help with my confidence if he's as 'likable' as his internet persona :cool:

    Other than that, pretty much anyone. Sunn, FS, 604, jnug, nicky d, killerkush, sickcrab, bgp and I discussed meeting up, buut I somehow feel that session will likely never ever happen lol
  7. OscarZetaAcosta - :cool:
    Everyone on my friends list(you should know who you are)
    and anyone else who'd want to smoke

  8. I always picture I roll fatties as the kid in that one picture where the white dude is like scrunching up his face like hes Cummings or something and he just like dies of laughter from every single post. like someone could post a thread about like getting arrested and he's laughing like a retard or something lol.

    Don't take this personally I'm high as tits
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    Too many to name.. :p It would feel as like I would be missing too many people on the list. :smoke: Thanks a lot to the blades who would want to sesh with me. I'd smoke you out anyday. :D

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    I wouldn't mind having a session with..

    JD, KSR, Holy Rapture, Smokentoke420, windowPanes, THCandroid, Foop, sky dog, Floydian, Bleezie King, Phat Toi, mikerelliftw, Sassy, I RoLL Fatties, SDC, SwichOne,.. :cool:

    to name a few. :smoke:
  11. Yeah I know i had that feeling to:p
    Theres still an assload, i thought about making it 10 or 15 but I didn't wanna hurt people brains....
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    There are waytoomany blades that I happen to Like. Id feel like a dick If i forgot anyone. So ill just say two...Or a few more. haha

    THCandroid and Catfishswimming, Spaced, Nikky D. and BluntCheefah
    I happen to fancy moonrat and Twee..and Twee would be an awesome excuse to smoke somewhere bitchin like Ireland.:yay: Addin in GGrass, Prettylit Mr Postman, Skunky, Shit i know im forgetting some people. Shit shit shit.

    Shit im tooo fadered :hippie:
  13. Basically all the frequent posters really that we're all familiar with..
  14. Does anyone know who INVENTED GC???
    Or the forums section at least..
  15. I'd like to smoke with impreprex.

  16. Super joint is the creator
  17. I cant find him does he still have an account?
  18. hmmm... who do i want to give herpes..

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    Search "superjoint". He's the creator of the second last thread from the bottom on the first page. :D

  20. 1. August West - Great guy
    2. Aaronman - One of the few people whose opinions I respect
    3. Sam Spade - Same as Aaronman
    4. Melt - He's the Bill Nye of GC
    5. Trikky - Had the BEST glass I've ever seen

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