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If you could smoke anywhere

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by suicidebonger, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Title says it all- you could smoke anywhere where would you smoke?

    I'd like to get blazed sitting on top king tuts sarcophagus surrounded by all the masses of gold he wad buried with

    That or on the moon
    How about YOU
  2. I'm down with the in space idea.
  3. Underwater in a coral reef.
  4. Grand Canyon. Right in between some big ass canyons with some nice shade.
  5. On top of a mountain
  6. In the snow, do it all the time!
  7. prolly while ejaculating in free fall :metal:
  8. In my room because its just such a magical place with all these lights =}
    But of course wouldn't mind sitting at night somewhere on Cuban beach, looking at the ocean, hear the Latin music in the background, at night, with a sky full of stars and you could watching thunder hitting the ocean somewhere far on the horizon. <3
  9. Wow pardon my typing/grammar, I'm high
  10. Lmfao read this well medicated and I was laughing my ass off!
  11. At work. Would be most relaxing..
  12. At the beach. I miss san francisco :(
  13. Smoking in the Oval Office on Christmas would be the shit"
  14. The moon, but I don't think that will ever happen. I want to smoke on the beach at night with a fire right by the water, just blunt after blunt. Heaven. Also I want to smoke in the smoky mountains, it's so peaceful there.
  15. An underwater cave thousands of feet underground :smoking: picture it. You vaccum seal all your bud and a few lighters along with whatever you want to bring. I think some rolling papers would be ideal. You travel for like 30 mins underwater in a cave and find random spot with an air pocket to smoke for a while and then continue on. Just remember to turn your air off when your smoking! Damn that would be cool.

  16. Hmm. Probably back in the woods behind my house during a sunset in the summertime.

  17. Just come up to oregon bro, thats basically what im looking atvout my window, while ripping the bong. Its fucking cold out

    Id love to smoke anywhere in the universe. Like the moon or in a high orbit around the earth, just puffin away.

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